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I have an extremely exciting announcement: The BookLife Prize has written a positive review on my book “MICHAELISM: My POV on Life with Autism”

Here is their review courtesy of The BookLife Prize….

Idea: This is a short book by an author with ASD describing his life experience in an authentic, approachable, and engaging manner. There are many readers who will appreciate this book as a tool that can help them better understand those in their lives with ASD.

Prose: The author’s personality comes through clearly in the writing. The repeated use of preferred phrases adds to his charm and individuality.

Originality: This is a brave book, with an author putting himself out there for the benefit of others. The organization is thoughtful and unique and lends to the utility of the book as a tool to better understand those who may not be neurotypical.

Character/Execution: This book is more successful than many longer, wordier, and more refined autobiographies at clearly expressing on the page the personality of its author. The interspersed Japanese phrases and drawings contribute an additional layer to the storytelling.

Blurb: This is a book to be read and shared.

Just a reminder: “MICHAELISM: My POV on Life with Autism” is now on sale through Apple Books, Google Play, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

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