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Epidural injection procedure

Watch this video to see what it’s like to get an epidural injection. This video shows the entire procedure, from start to finish. See what the needle looks like, where it is placed in the back, and how the catheter is inserted. Find out how the medication is administered and how long it usually takes to feel the anesthetic effect.

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23 thoughts on “Epidural injection procedure

  1. Shout out to ALL of my foremothers who did this with no medical assistance thousands of years to even a few generations ago.. but um.. I'm getting this epidural 😫🤣🤣 sorry not sorry! Been feeling pain all my pregnancy. I'm good!

  2. my mom had three kids, first two the epidural worked, but the third time the epidural failed and she felt everything. she said it felt like her hips were ripping apart.

  3. I cried getting the epidural cause he kept bending needles in my back , he had to do 3 needles and by the third I was in complete tears , they had to go ahead and do a general anesthesia csection due to me being really sensitive on my lower back

  4. I've had two births. My first was medicated with an epidural and my second was unmedicated. Yes, I was in the worst pain of my life but I'm so proud of my strength and dedication to have a natural birth and see it through. My second birth was honestly a better experience than my first, because after my second, beautiful baby girl was born, I was able to get up and move around as I pleased and use the bathroom by myself, without a catheter. When my first, beautiful baby girl was born, I had to wait hours after her arrival for my epidural to wear off before I could even move my legs. They felt extremely numb and heavy. I hated that feeling. Something to remember ladies is as soon as your sweet baby is born, the pain is gone and you feel like yourself again, only happier and with a fuller heart🥰 With that being said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with getting the epidural. It works wonders for us mamas and we have modern medicine at our disposal for a reason. Do what you feel is best for you and your labor and delivery. I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant with my third baby, my first baby boy💙 I plan on having another natural, unmedicated birth, because I feel it's what's best for me, my birthing/postpartum experience, and my baby.

  5. yeah the epidural pinched and stung that’s for sure, but I’d rather have that once than deal with the contractions over and over again. 😳 thank God for epidurals.

  6. Yeah didn't feel anything during my Cesarean but the epidural f@cked up my back and 24yrs later the pain has gotten worse and some days I can't do anything but lay in my bed and cry

  7. I hated the epidural so much!!! I wanted to do natural all the way and got F**ked had to do a c section. That epidural hurt so much!! Im not excited for it this time im aiming for VBAC

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