Ep. 7 | Live Freely & Connect With Your Sexuality with Naoli Vinaver

Orgasmic Birth Podcast:

What does it take to allow ourselves to go into the realms of pleasure during childbirth in order to have a positive experience? In this episode, Naoli Vinaver tackles midwifery techniques and emphasizes the importance of pleasure during childbirth. Listen closely as she describes the physical and emotional signs that labor is progressing.

​Naolí Vinaver is a Mexican midwife who combines traditional Mexican and contemporary home birth practices, with a profound respect for the physiology of natural birth, having attended over 1700 home births in both Mexico and Brazil. Naolí is a passionate speaker and educator, teaching hundreds of workshops and seminars in over 30 countries around the world.

In this episode:

Naoli Vinaver shares her experience as a traditional and certified midwife, a speaker, and an educator, teaching birth philosophies techniques and their relationship to sexuality. When a woman gives birth, she allows herself to go into passionate expression realms. This is a sign that the birth is positive. Naoli talks about the healing potential of birth and how it is an opportunity to transmute into empowerment. It is important to acknowledge our bad experiences. Acknowledgment can help to dissolve bumps in the road and to see the past more clearly. All parts of the body are connected. Including them in the experience of massage, touch, and labor, the birthing process can be more harmonious and natural.

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