Ep. 69 - Black Wombs Unbound


Imagine unlocking the healing power of pleasure during the miraculous journey of pregnancy and childbirth. Dive with us into a transformative conversation that challenges old norms and redefines birthing narratives with Shawnee Benton Gibson.


Shawnee Benton Gibson, LMSW / FDLC, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Spirit of A Woman (S.O.W.) Leadership Development Institute, an organization established in 2002 and designed to educate, elevate and effect positive and sustainable transformation in the lives of individuals, groups, families and communities. Under Shawnee’s leadership and vision, S.O.W. offers innovative coaching, counseling, workshop and training experiences to individuals, groups and organizations seeking to expand their power, purpose and impact in the world. Ms. Benton Gibson is a graduate of New York University’s Silver School of Social Work and is a licensed practitioner with over 28 years of professional experience in the areas of substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery, adolescent development, individual, family and group counseling, women’s health, birth equity, social justice, grief, loss, bereavement and trauma. 


Shawnee unearths how patriarchal and misogynistic notions have altered the birthing narrative, making women feel they can’t trust their own bodies without medical intervention. From rites and rituals before childbirth to the role of doulas and midwives who resonate with their cultural backgrounds, we dig deep. Shawnee underscores the essence of daily introspection and the continuous journey of anti-racist education.


 In this episode:

  • Shawnee talks about the impact of culture and how history impacts birthing experience.
  • Learn about how patriarchy and misogyny have muted the power of black wombkeepers.
  • Get to know how sacred wombkeepers, birth workers, midwives, granny midwives have been replaced by patriarchal white supremacist framework.
  • Understand what it means to create sacred spaces to prepare women for birthing process.
  • Shawnee discusses how activism and art becomes the key formula for restoring our wombs and reawakening orgasmic power.
  • Shawnee introduces the Aftershock documentary – know deeper about what could happen during pregnancy. 
  • Discover the benefits of being in a tribe for support throughout the pregnancy journey and beyond. 


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