Ep. 30 - Life After Birth with Dr. Diane S Speier

Although the transition to parenthood will transform your life, you should be prepared for what happens after the birth in order to successfully steer through the early weeks of this postpartum period.

Today, Dr. Diane S Speier provides great insights about how to make the transition to parenthood a positive experience. She is here to discuss – Is there sex after birth?: Sex and Intimacy in the Fourth Trimester”. She emphasizes the importance of talking openly about birth preferences to help create a better experience for both parents and stresses why sexuality is just one aspect of intimacy. Tune in and discover how to thrive in the Fourth Trimester!

Dr. Diane S Speier, Ph.D. practices psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, specializing in perinatal psychology, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and recovering from birth trauma in the UK. She is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Conception to Age 2: the first 1001 critical days, advocating for improved infant and perinatal mental health in the House of Commons. She says “It’s in my DNA to help families through the postpartum period. She started running groups and classes for mothers and babies in 1978, in addition to being a childbirth educator and doula! 


In this episode:

  • Postpartum intimacy and sexuality can be a topic that is often overlooked but is important for parents to be aware of
  • How Dr. Diane’s journey with childbirth and parenting has led her to develop the life’s work of helping families through the postpartum period
  • The oxytocin refreshment for both partners, and the difference between sexuality and intimacy

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