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Ep. 1634 Disturbing Hidden Camera Footage Emerges – The Dan Bongino Show®

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Project Veritas strikes again! In this episode, I address the stunning hidden video in this prominent Governor’s race. I also address the growing rebellion against vaccine mandates and cancel culture.

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23 thoughts on “Ep. 1634 Disturbing Hidden Camera Footage Emerges – The Dan Bongino Show®

  1. May The Lord Jesus please have great mercy and remove evil, corruption, lawlessness and voter fraud from local, state, federal governments, from law enforcement agencies, courts, judges and prosecutors, lawyers, military fields, medical fields, scientific fields, educational fields, spiritual fields,business fields. Please wreck, destroy, frustrate, blind, confuse evil plans and wickedness in high places. Please strengthen, help, guide, mercy, deliverance, those in authority positions that they do Your will. Please send out many,many,many good and pleasing prayers. Amen

  2. I get it, my wife was let go from Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee. After 26 years, and working the covid floor…they just turned their back on her and other health care workers. It will be tough for us, but we will survive.

  3. We need to start treating companies like they are treating employees.

    Those who have dismissed employees with the mandate should be listed and named and shamed and everyone stops purchasing their product.

  4. I love Dave Cheppelle . He said some things in the closer . Miss info the media has been lying about Jan 6 . I DONT WANT HIM CANCELLED ! How sad and pathetic of a world it would be if we let idiots cancel everything they don’t like . I will ALWAYS stand behind everyone having their say , no matter how much I disagree with it . Why ? Because everything said should be weighed on it’s own merit.

  5. Mr. Bongino, there are advantage to being an old geezer. One of them is history.

    Trickle down was a seriously espoused concept by Ronald Reagan. Disastrous. (Yes, even though I am a conservative, I have found faults with several President Reagan's actions. Everyone makes mistakes, even St. Reagan…)

    The 'It looked good on paper' concept of trickle down was that if the wealthy were allowed to retain more of their income, they would purchase more, hire domestic help, stimulate the economy in general.

    Didn't work, doesn't work, won't work. Keep more of your

    I propose a 'bubble up' economy. Too complicated to summarize here, but the more money pumped into the lower SES population, the more it bubbles up through the middle class– your technicians, engineers, tinkerers, miners, manufacturers…

    You get it. The people who actually produce and give the Blue(bloods) the leisure time to contemplate false utopias.

  6. Mandates– vax, education, the rallying cry of prochoicers– "My body, my choice…"

    That is something to hold their feet to the fire with. My children are products of my body. I, again I, get to choose what they get taught. It is MY responsibility to instill a sense of right/wrong, a foundation of ethics and beliefs. HOW I choose to do that is my business. What school, what (indeed, if any) church, what is good or bad for them and so on.

    My body product, my choice.

  7. "They want to get THEIR money back…"

    There is the crux of the lie– Their money. Government produces no wealth, no income. It collects and then funds actions that are supposed to be for the common good, or commonwealth. (check out the difference between a state and a commonwealth. Interesting reading.) It is not their money, it is OUR money that they were supposed to hold in escrow.

    I contend that the democratic party has for decades has been guilty of fiduciary negligence and should be brought up on charges of same.

  8. I don't understand! We want Youngkin!! PRESIDENT TRUMP also wants YOUNGKIN! I need to understand more what you're saying!! I'm a Virginian! We got YOUNGKIN! SO EXCITED 😁

  9. Dan, they don’t care because they have plans to legalize the illegals for 🗳 votes! Regardless what. Just to stay in power and transform America like 3rd world country !

  10. Hi Dan,
    We're in this together.
    I guess you don't plan to come to L A in the next mo. So I will go there.
    I will need help w exp.
    Your really bumming me out cause your carrying too big a load.
    We need to connect if you want to change history. Im not giving you a choice but to hear me out.
    You can't afford not to.
    I am your Golden Goose.
    I'm giving you my word on this and my honor I have in my Heart.
    God Bless,
    Eugene 💪
    The Fight isn't over till we take our Last Breath.

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