Ep. 14 – Manifest Your Orgasmic Birth with Gina Ojeda

How do we manifest a blissful, orgasmic birth? It involves targeting your limiting beliefs and looking more deeply into our minds and bodies. Today’s episode features Gina Ojeda, who will be sharing her powerful personal experience of a blissful birth. Listen in and explore the topic of pleasure, as it is one of the most important factors for a joyful and peaceful experience during and after birth.

Gina Ojeda is a mother, spouse, home keeper, crafter, and lover of nature. She is a Certified Birth Doula through Small Wonders Childbirth, a Certified Lactation Counselor through the Healthy Children Project, and a Postpartum Care Provider through Innate Traditions.  Gina has a passion for supporting women in their journey of creating and birthing life.  She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist of 7 years, specializing in pregnancy and postpartum massage, and a Certified Yoga Teacher of 8 years, specializing in prenatal yoga and yoga for youth with a mission to educate, inspire & empower women in their childbearing years

In this episode:

  • Gina shares her childhood experiences of alcoholism, physical abuse, and trauma that led to her seeking spirituality and healing.
  • She chose to have her daughter in a hospital and experienced pain during labor when her body’s natural instinct to get up and bear down was ignored and she was instructed to lie down instead.
  • Gina discusses her journey into becoming interested in childbirth and traditional postpartum care and meeting a mentor who introduced her to postpartum care.
  • She begins studying traditional childbirth practices, including hypnosis and visualization, in preparation for her home birth.
  • Being surrounded with so much support and care induces the flow of oxytocin – the ‘feel good’ hormone.
  • Home births allow freedom of one’s body in contrast to hospital birth, where the doctors and nurses must constantly monitor the mother.
  • Watching the documentary “Orgasmic Birth” allows viewers to see a larger community of women experiencing similar natural and empowering births.
  • It is important to honor our own birthing experiences and realize the power of self-care and self-love to help us heal from past trauma.
  • Gina shares her story of how she overcame fears around childbirth and became more orgasmic during and after pregnancy
  • Our mindset and brain rewiring approach to pleasure in birth matters in the experience of childbirth – realize the power of manifestation.

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