Environmental Advocacy || Philippines


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20 thoughts on “Environmental Advocacy || Philippines”
  1. Hello, can I ask permission to use this as a reference for our Advocacy projects. This video really help us to spread an awareness about our environment. Thankyouu so much many lots to learn about your video 💓

  2. kamusta po. kung pwede na paki ducumentary itong lugar namin. may MRF. material recovery facilitty. sa gitna ng SUBD. at ng RIVER. 10 METERS BOTH SIDE. PLS wag nyong sabihin na ako ung nagrereklamo. magandang content. nito sa UTUBE

  3. Hello po… Good day po… Can I ask permission to use this as a reference to my advocacy project? This vid. is very beautiful and powerful to help our environment…. Hope to grant. my req…. Thank you po💜

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