Enhancing Literacy Instruction with Story Props

It can be easy to get wrapped up into buying things, but I have found that many people are looking to donate toys that their children no longer use or materials so that you and your kids can come up with your own.  Many stories use farm animals, vehicles, foods, people, etc. so finding unwanted objects and toys from homes may be easier than you think!  Below I used materials that come included with Sarah’s adapted book, “There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” book and some brown paper lunch bags!  This does not have to be fancy or expensive! In Sarah’s book packet that you can find here for free, I took the adapted pieces page and zoomed in, took a screen shot of the animals one by one and then printed them out.  Using brown paper lunch bags, I created puppets for the kids to hold up once it was their part in the story.  You could also keep them in a basket and have kiddos come up and put them on their hands and make the animal noises.  I understand that some kids may rip off the picture and not hold it still…that’s ok! You can still use the pieces and model first how to use them. Check out the video below and happy reading!

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