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Eggs & Greens With Inflammation-Fighting Aromatics Recipe

There are two ingredients that Gourdet adds to nearly everything he cooks, for their bold flavor and health benefits.

“Ginger is something that is always in my pantry. It’s an ingredient that’s actually in the food of a lot of different cuisines,” he says. “It’s delicious, it adds brightness, it adds depth, it adds complexity. Chiles are the other thing that I really don’t cook without,” he laughs “Literally, every dish I make has chiles.”

Truly, you’d be hard pressed to find a recipe that doesn’t use at least one, and in most cases both, of these anti-inflammatory aromatics. Even in a chapter aptly titled “Eggs All The Time,” you’ll find ginger and chiles featured in some surprising dishes (think: breakfast).

Research suggests that both ginger and chiles have inflammation fighting abilities and compounds, among other benefits. Ginger has well documented health perks including supporting digestion and promoting healthy blood sugar levels.

“A few simple steps transform ho-hum sautéed greens into this unforgettable one-pot dish,” writes Gourdet of this recipe in his book, “perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Packed with vitamins, fiber, and other good stuff, collards, chard, and kale can taste a little too healthy. They need a boost.” That boost comes from the aromatics (which also includes garlic here) and plenty of olive oil, plus “a last-minute dose of fresh herbs” to help cut through the satisfying richness that baking the eggs and greens provides.

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