Easy Mushroom & Spinach Pizza Calzone Recipe | Jamie Oliver

This is a beautiful filling for a classic calzone pizza recipe made by Jamie in his own home. Try different types of mushrooms to get a variety of flavours and let us know how you get on in the comments box below – what’s your favourite calzone filling or pizza topping?
This recipe was first seen on the Jamie at Home TV series in 2007. All the food made in this video was shared out and eaten among the very lucky crew. Nothing goes to waste

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Here’s a great way to make an easy pizza or calzone base | http://goo.gl/6DtNNV

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36 thoughts on “Easy Mushroom & Spinach Pizza Calzone Recipe | Jamie Oliver

  1. This guy is copying Genarios style. This is the second video doing the same thing as Genarios maybe a little bit different . His food inspiration comes from Italy just to make it clear.

  2. Now that we finally have an oven in our house – we were using a grill before – I want to make this. I'd have to use a non-dairy cheese though. I think I've seen non-dairy mozzarella before. Have to wait til the non-dairy cheeses are on sale again though. They're expensive where I live. In the meantime I'm tempted to just make the mushrooms themselves as a snack because they already looked delicious on their own.

  3. additional tips :
    1) Wet the edges for a better seal.
    2) Make a couple of vents at the top.
    and most importantly… wait a few minutes for the filling to come to room temperature.

  4. There is no calzone recipe like this on his page that is listed. It reminds me of women who leave out the secret ingredient so no one can make it as well as they can. I will skip these videos. I really don't like watching people cook or cooking, so I like the recipe so I can get on with it and just give it to the cook. It looks good.

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