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Earth911 Quiz #63: Recycling How-To Challenge!

Earth911 Quiz #63: How-to recycle challenge!

Your day is filled with recycling opportunities but are you making the decisions to recycle successfully? In this quiz, we’ll test our familiarity with how to recycle typical household goods and materials. Are you ready to handle your responsibility in the kitchen, yard, and workplace?


Every week, challenges you with quizzes that test your sustainability savvy and help you make environmentally friendly choices when you shop, use products, and dispose of unwanted items.

Why is recycling cooking oil better than pouring it down the drain?

Cooking oil, whether it comes from meats you cook or cans of vegetable oil you buy, is a frequently recycled substance in homes and restaurants. Why is it a better idea to recycle spent cooking oil than pouring it down your drain?

Can a coated paper shopping bag be recycled?

If you’ve shopped at a department store or boutique, it’s likely a clerk has handed you a coated paper shopping bag. Can it be recycled?

What are the steps for recycling a plastic bottle or jug?

Plastic #1 (PET) and #2 (HDPE) are commonly accepted in curbside programs after simple preparations. What steps should you take to prepare PET and HDPE bottles and jugs for recycling?

How should glass be prepared for recycling?

Glass is among the most recycled and recyclable materials, and can be back on store shelves within 30 days of landing in a blue bin. What steps should you take to prepare glass containers for recycling?

How is a car battery prepared for recycling?

Car batteries are recycled at between 98 percent 99 percent rates. What do you need to do to ready a car battery for recycling?











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