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Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Learn some uncommon early signs of pregnancy before a missed period, and how to gain clarity around the question “am I pregnant?”. I’m sharing how I knew I was pregnant before the pregnancy test could tell me!

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33 thoughts on “Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

  1. With my first son I felt nothing it wasn’t until I passed out while driving that I found out I was pregnant. I took a week to recover from my concussion, due to the accident,so I was sleeping a lot. After that I confirmed it and well no symptoms. Right now my body Is rejecting some food and I can’t stand coffee 😭😭 I’m cramping like if I am on my period but it isn’t due for another two weeks. I’m nauseous in the morning and at night I feel good 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m tired , constipated, bloated ahhhh and I’m looking swollen. I took a test but it was negative so I have to wait another two weeks. My husband is saying I’m pregnant I guess I’m in denial or really stressed out. The waiting to know for sure is killing me 😭

  2. Ugh I wanna take a test so bad but I guess it’s safer to wait till I get my period or not. Monday is my expected date but I’m cramping so so much and I usually don’t cramp much. (Not as much as I am right now). My breast are way sensitive than usual, my nipples were hurting for a moment yesterday at work and it stopped, I’m finding myself hungry a lot more often but not craving anything. Right now as I’m writing this, my nipples are hurting again. 😩 trying to be positive but not getting my hopes up either since last month I was 3 days late and got my period on the 4th day. ( I didn’t experience anything that I am this time though) 😭

  3. What are the chances of me being pregnant if he just put the tip in & he said he wasn’t hard or ejaculating. But he didn’t use a condom and I’m not on birth control.

  4. I HAVE ALL THE SYMTOMS you listed but 6 tests gave me negative and one of them was a hgh blood test. I'm so confused now… My perios is 9 days late and if I'm pregnant it should be 2 weeks already since conception. I have to just wait and see I guess at this point and keep doing the tests every 3 days….. Thx for the video <3 , I will write an update here once I have a definite answer

  5. I don’t know if I’m pregnant because it’s way too early but I had unprotected sex 3 days ago and now my stomach has been cramping every since.

  6. Hi! I started vomiting around the 22nd of March and after a night out on the 1st of April i was vomiting like crazy. Then i missed my period on the 16th of April when it was supposed to start. When did i get pregnant?

  7. I felt on the street while walking as if someone push me also feeling like if I want to throw up peeing a lot took 2 pregnancy test both came out fade still show tho waiting to see if I get my period cause I have been feeling tired more hungry moody my breast feels like they heavy on me and every time I touch my boobs it hurts a bit this is my second week ! Also my head I feel dizzy! Guys I’m scared cause I don’t want to do anything wrong like drink alcohol or eating less cause of my diet although I can’t control it I eat none stop wake up at night to eat! Today I was taking a bath 🛁 and randomly wanted to throw up 🤢 yesterday my nephew throw up and I wanted to do so as well !

  8. I am currently 24 days late with my period, I’ve taken at home pregnancy tests, and all have came negative.. I haven’t taken one in over a week thinking my period is just really late, but still nothing & no sign of getting ready to start.. my periods are and have been normal this year and spot on. But I have been experiencing bloating, fatigue and frequent urination, mild cramping.. I’m not sure what to do

  9. I've started weaning myself off birth control. I've got hot flashes like crazy, cramping, spotting, missed period, VERY urgent peeing (so much pee), tender/engorged boobs… AM I PREGGO OR IS IT THE HORMONES MESSING WITH ME. Three weeks late period, two weeks of symptoms and going crazy lol. Three failed preggo tests though

  10. I’ve been bloated for like a week now. My abdomen hurts. My boobs hurt and I’ve been having clear discharge. We’ve been trying for a year and my period doesn’t start for a week.

  11. I have taken 4 pregnancy test and they all looked the same they had a faint line and I know some people said it might be an evaporation line but the evaporation line suppose to show up after the 5 minutes but I watched as both lines popped up…all 4 of them

  12. Thanks to Cameron Arnold who directed me to Dr Alaho Olu on YouTube Channel who shrink my multiple fibroids. I’m so excited 😆, contact the herbalist today and all your worries will be over…..

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