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Drugs Used in Peptic Ulcer – Part 2

A brief overview of
1) H2 receptor blockers/H2 receptor antagonists
2) Prostaglandin analogue (Misoprostol)
3) Antacids
4) Bismuth compounds
5) Sucralfate
6) Helicobacter pylori eradication


One thought on “Drugs Used in Peptic Ulcer – Part 2

  1. Just to clarify. The Milk alkali syndrome was originally associated with Sippys regimen. Sippys regimen became obsolete by the 1950s. Since then, milk alkali syndrome has been almost unheard of.

    However, milk alkali syndrome has been making a comeback recently, IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT Sippys regimen has been abandoned for around 70 years.

    The proposed reason for the recent resurgence of milk alkali syndrome is the overzealous use of calcium and vitamin D supplements.
    When taken indiscriminately, calcium and vitamin D supplements lead to the same milk alkali syndrome. In fact, some authorities now prefer to call it "calcium alkali syndrome". In many cases, the same patient takes calcium carbonate as an antacid; and then supplements himself/herself with calcium and vitamin D for prevention of osteoporosis, or for some other reason; not knowing that he/she is overloading himself/herself with calcium.

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