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Dr Newson and Dr Sajjad Rajpar Explain Skin Changes During the Menopause

In this informative video taken from an Instagram Live, Dr Louise Newson chats to consultant dermatologist, Dr Sajjad Rajpar. Together, they discuss skin changes during the menopause and how our skin can feel dry, itchy and thin due to a decline in hormone levels.


24 thoughts on “Dr Newson and Dr Sajjad Rajpar Explain Skin Changes During the Menopause

  1. Thank you for such an informative session. Dr Rajpar what is your Instagram site so that I can read your recommendations ? Also I want to order your serum but I live in Cyprus. Can I?

  2. OUTSTANDING discussion. Thank you both for the very informative information. I am over in the US and I am just amazed how lacking we all are in this area. I am just speachless that such few physicians are willing to take on these topics. Dr. Newson thank you for all your help with menopause, Dr. Rajpar thank you for helping me step up my skin care routine. Thank you .

  3. Hello doctors " I'm peri menopausal and my main issue is my skin it feels like I have insects running over me especially my arms trunk and back and head I have no insects no nits no bed bugs ect as this has been ruled out ' at night it's worse when I lay down ' it drives me crazy

  4. Unfortunately…..while this video mentions Testosterone and Progesterone….they quickly "dismiss" those and focus only on the Estrogens.

    THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE AND IS PROBABLY DONE ON PURPOSE !!! It is not sound advice to dismiss the benefits of Testosterone and Progesterone

    Again…I found another HRT site that gets it totally backwards. While Estrogen are important….just treating with the estrogens is like what the Type II
    Diabetes doctors do with Insulin.

    Let me explain Most Type II diabetics are insulin resistant so giving them insulin (unless they are at the late stages of Type II diabetes) causes the
    Type II diabetic patient a band-aide fix that doesn't treat the root cause of the insulin resistance and eventually the patient succumbs to the ravages of diabetes
    and may get heart attacks or loose a limb or get a blood infection and die miserable. Diabetic doctors rarely treat the root cause of diabetes. And HRT doctors
    don't treat the root cause of estrogen resistance (which is the correct term for most women and not estrogen deficiency)

    So giving estrogen is like this…..women without adequate testosterone and progesterone get ever increasing ESTROGEN resistance. So these HRT doctors give
    more estrogen and some of their symptoms go away [ and they all clap and defend the improvements ] but the body resists this extra estrogen and the body's cells get even more estrogen resistant. This goes on for a long enough time and you not only get osteoporosis but you get all the problems of excess estrogens and your health just declines more and more.

    But if you give blood tests for and give Testosterone and Progesterone for deficiencies first before estrogens are given, then you don't get this vicious cycle
    of Estrogen resistance. Plus Testosterone and Progesterone in optimized amounts will solve skin issues and many of the other horrible things
    that estrogen resistance and too much estrogens in the body. Plus Testosterone and Progesterone optimization will give healthy strong bones whereas
    estrogen supplementation only slows down bone loss and just delays that fatal hip fracture by maybe a few years.

    SO YOU HRT DOCTORS NEED TO ADJUST YOUR RHETORIC AND PROTOCOLS to reflect the biological reality that testosterone and progesterone are
    to be tested and fixed first before estrogen is given. The only exception is if the women's estrogen is less than say about 35% of what it should be in her 20s and 30's.
    Under most menopausal conditions, the estrogens fall like ~50% but the progesterone and testosterone can fall >85% or more.

    I HOPE SOMEONE WILL LISTEN….BUT PROFITS FOR HRT DOCTORS and a general lack of interest in doing HRT right usually wins because sick women (or men) are
    big cash cows. The philosophy of creating needless problems for patients does bring in more money for these institutions. It's sick and not compassionate.

  5. I went to his Website to buy the product he recommended but according to him he wanted to buy a product with the ABCs and his does not have the A so how is that explain? There is no where on his website to send him this question. The contact section was only to schedule an appointment

  6. So true about the jaw has my mother got older she couldn’t keep her false teeth in when she talked or ate her food, some thought it was funny but it caused her a lot of stress it was very sad 😢

  7. very informative thank you both so much. I am menopausal and have suffered with itching all over my body and the feeling of insects crawling over me and an extremely dry itchy scalp. My gp even asked if I had head lice. She is treating it as dermatosis of the scalp but I don't have any scaly skin/sores or dandruff, just extremely itchy, especially at night. I do also suffer with eczema which I have had since I was a child but I only have occasional flare ups. I have started HRT 2 months ago but up to now it hasn't helped with my itchy scalp.

  8. Mmm ppl who give interviews just so they can sell their products. I am a big fan of Liz Earle products – anyhow – for skin – Drink lots of water (think of dried prune), vit c, vit d3, zinc, selenium and mageniusm. Yes, menopause dries out the skin but with the addition of oestrogen and progesterone and testererone – you be in pigs back. 👍

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