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Donate wasted clock cycles to a worthy cause

You can donate the spare processing power on your computer via one of the dozens of ongoing volunteer computing projects, many based on open source software called BOINC. Just by using a screen saver!
The grid supports research into cures for muscular dystrophy, influenza, AIDS and childhood cancer, among other things. The grid, which was headed for half a million members as of August 2009, runs on BOINC software and is funded by the NSF.
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World Community Grid




44 thoughts on “Donate wasted clock cycles to a worthy cause

  1. dont waste your money on Glaciatech, i had no good experience with this brand , so never glaciatech ever for me id say spend a few more buch and get the Thermelright 120 and the other top cooling coolers.

  2. Good idea, I don't usually have a ss running(if I'm afk, I'll shutdown instead)…and my cpu kinda sucks and wouldn't help out too much.

    Don't know how much research takes tons of processing though lol.

  3. I just wonder when are we gonna see results for any of the causes mentioned on those websites…might try it again with my pc in idle…thanks for the video man đŸ˜‰

  4. You are wrong sir. That is just an outrageous claim. Its true that these companies are greedy fucks and sucking money away, but its kind of silly to say they create cancer.

  5. I dont understand how to get folding@home to work properly with my i7. I downloaded the SMP client and but it only uses my cores 15%… i wish they made this a little less complicated. If they did that they would have alot more support than what they do and you cant find a decent guide for it anywhere, its so annoying.

  6. I have 2 laptops (both Windows 8 unfortunately). One is used solely for BOINC, the other has Grid Republic working in the background the majority of time. I'm trying to get 24/7 distributed computing use between the laptops. I started with SETI@home in the early 2000's and have been running BOINC for several years. It's entirely safe and reliable and it needs as much support as possible. Thanks for the video PCWIZKID.

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