Does tattoo removal cream really work? - Dr. Rajdeep Mysore

Tattoos are of two types generally. The temporary tattoos and permanent tattoos. The temporary tattoos are not real tattoos. Real tattoo is when the ink is placed in between the layers of the skin. If it is placed very superficially, the skin layers as they are growing out, it removes the tattoo pigment. If it is placed very deep, it causes a reaction. It should be placed exactly in the top part of a layer called as dermis in the skin. So even in deep in the dermis it can get eliminated or it can cause a reaction. Permanent tattoos, people often get these tattoos either because they like it artistically or they have an emotional significance or attachment to it or they want to cover up certain imperfections in the body or they like tattooing. Sometimes in younger age or when we have certain thoughts on our minds and we express ourselves, we get certain tattoos and later when we grow older, we might not want to keep those tattoos. So in such a case when you are not sure, always go for a temporary tattoo. It is like a pain, it gets washed off eventually. And if you are going for a permanent tattoo, no tattoo removal creams will work. Creams can only help to lighten the skin or remove the permanent tattoos quickly, but they cannot penetrate or remove the tattoo from the dermis. So tattoo removal cream for a real tattoo do not work. If the cream is working, the tattoo is not real tattoo, it is a temporary tattoo.


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