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Does Cannabis Help Or Harm Your Workout?

As cannabis has become more widely accepted and used, there are still many common questions and concerns people have in regards to how it can affect your workout. In this video, Danny addresses some of these concerns and shares how cannabis can be a beneficial tool or a harmful one depending on how it’s used.

Cannabis has been proven in studies and anecdotally to affect your performance and nutrition directly:
– Performance
– Decreased reaction time
– Pain Management
– not ideal BUT can be helpful when working through an injury
– Nutrition
– Lowered Inhibitions “The Munchies”
– Not helpful for those looking to cut their calories
– Useful for increasing appetite
– Overall Wellness
– Recent research on applications of CBD
– A better modality for getting a “buzz” than alcohol consumption

Although cannabis can be used as a tool to be helpful with aspects of performance and nutrition, it is important to remember that cannabis is NOT considered to be ‘healthy’ and still is being debated on the legality of recreational use from state to state.
We hope that you use this information to help influence your perspective and find uses for it when applicable.

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44 thoughts on “Does Cannabis Help Or Harm Your Workout?

  1. I used to use weed as a preworkout and I always felt like my mind-muscle connection was better and pump was somewhat enhanced due to the dilation of blood vessels

  2. I think for me it's helpful as I have insomnia and sleeping with help is better than having a broken night's sleep where working out is concerned, I feel physically better.

  3. This guy is an idiot…there are scientific studies that show cannabis increases and helps the metabolism. This guy just assumes you get hungry,eat and gain weight. Like anything you have to do real research, instead of just googling lol. I have lost 40lbs and counting with the combination of eating well and cannabis every day. Cannabis also helps out enormously post work out for me to get my muscles relax and help with aches/heal. It is a useful tool if you use it wisely.

  4. I like to before music is better focus is better its just better. I also have spinal fusion on neck and back so it helps the pain. It will also help you win olympic games. Lol

  5. I have been wanting to try it for years. Thank you so much for this video. I am not big on smoking. But I am big at the gym and I always have wanted to try something that is going to give me that extra boost time at the gym. I’m happy to say that for me it worked out great I hit bigger numbers when lifting I increased 15 pounds from my max and I was shocked. I did smoke 45 minutes before the gym and was kind of buzzing at the gym. Definitely going to try and do it more regularly. ✌️

  6. I am regular smoker and now I'm working out been 3 days its good for me also doing semen retention… helping me gain weight much quicker as I'm skinny from childhood my metabolism rate is much faster than other

  7. Depends on tolerance big time, I could hit 4 dabs and walk into the gym and be fine. But someone else could hit one and be slumped in the car before they even get out 😂, so if you’re so high you can’t lift maybe don’t smoke as much before next time.

  8. I enjoy walk alone in nature smokin listen to nice music and do all kinds of stretchy breathy moves, and swim (and meet all the nasty animal shadowlike fears inside, use a life jacket if needed and just relax and let the ex shark take you – a very cleansing mind technique!) or random play in safe waters, Enjoy 😇

    Ooohh n btw I once made potent cbd-butter, probably good for relaxing, meditating etc or just pre ZZ:ZZ tea

  9. I work out 6 days a week and smoke a joint before every workout. Does not slow me down, makes me concentrate and focus on what I am there to do. Unfortunately the majority of people look down on it, even if it is legal (Canada).

  10. It's been quite a few years, I found that a tiny bit of weed (as in one hit) wasn't bad now and then on light days, but doing it on heavy days was a hindrance for me, so I stayed away from it most lifting days. At the time, I was stacking dianabol and deca, and trying to bulk, so I'd do a small hit before most meals, because it helped me stuff myself.

  11. I smoke everyday all day. Started training about couple month ago. I train first thing in the morning before I even eat, smoke before and after, and now thinking about it, I’m never sore in pain. I’m getting gains, I’ve noticed and others have also.

    This is why I watched this video to see if it’s helping or hindering. I smoke indicas as well. 😅

  12. I smoke after the workout too not feeel so sore. When it comes to food. I have it all layed out. Since i eat once a day maybe 2
    Eat like a beast in my calorie range and alot of water. It works for me

  13. Don't confuse the term Cannabis with the term CBD. Cannabis can be isolate CBD oil, CBD oil with THC, soluble pills, or ground leaves with THC that is smoked. Which type are you referring to here?

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