Doctors Tell Him To Keep Eating Junk, Then This Happens | Dr. Shawn Baker & Coach Evan E

Evan grew up in Alberta, Canada, and holds a BA in Psychology, and a BEd in Secondary Education. He has previously lived in northern Sweden, and briefly in Norway.

He has been eating a primarily carnivore diet for over 2 years, which has largely improved/put his depression, anxiety, ADHD, autoimmune issues (ankylosing spondylitis), GI problems, and many other ailments into remission. After being unable to perform strenuous physical activity for a long period of time, Evan’s performance capacity has dramatically increased, allowing him to get back into weightlifting and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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00:00 Introduction
01:25 ADHD, OCD, brain fog, eye trouble, trouble sleeping, fatigue, overweight, binge eating
02:47 Becoming skinny fat
03:47 Low-fat diet and satiety
06:02 Taking supplements
08:37 Ankylosing spondylitis
10:49 Nutrition courses in school
12:38 Sugar addiction
14:40 Exercising
16:09 Physicians’ interest in diet
17:21 Getting introduced to the carnivore diet
20:16 Big steak and satiety
21:15 Ankylosing spondylitis drugs
22:27 Finding work with more energy
23:22 Carnivore diet and family
24:17 Doctors’ reactions to carnivore diet
25:36 Transitioning to the carnivore diet
27:13 One meal a day
29:42 Going back to jiu jitsu
32:29 Health, carnivore, and relationships
33:46 Beef in Alberta
37:07 Carnivore diet and cardiovascular disease risk
38:16 Myocarditis
40:45 Depression gone
42:11 Where to find Evan; Evan’s coaching philosophy

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41 thoughts on “Doctors Tell Him To Keep Eating Junk, Then This Happens | Dr. Shawn Baker & Coach Evan E”
  1. My ability to view this was impeded by forced advertisements for foods that I USED TO love. That's just evil. Praise God, carnivore has given me strength to resist without struggle! I even allowed myself to remember the tastes and smells, and still considered them potentially TASTY, but when I thought about the possible impact on my body, it was easy to realize that consuming those things to please my tongue, at the cost of my body, soul, mind, and spirit, might be the poorest decision I could possibly make. SO THANKFUL FOR CARNIVORE! Gonna' go eat some beef now!

  2. Why is/was an 11 year old going on a diet, isnt that the role of the parents to help guide better food choices? Seems young to already be worried and altering your diet because your basically forced to generally eat the same things that your family eats since they buy the food, this is why parents who set a good example and buy good quality food to the best they can afford since that varies, matters alot.

  3. Guys just to let you know the best wagyu in Japan comes from cows that almost never move. Not saying it’s good or bad. But some are farmed naturally but not most

  4. Thanks for great interview guys.
    Funny thing is that food industry pushes the fake meat for vegans (and others) and fake sweats/cakes for keto eaters…
    Good luck Evan with everything

  5. What amazes me is how sick our young generation is! Our kids weren’t on any pills when they were young, they played outside, they ate home cooked meal and not much processed. Since they went on their own and started consuming more processed foods they started to get more sick and popping all kinds of pills. Same with their kids from allergy pills to antibiotics to even depression pills, etc. They do not believe eating natural foods has anything to do with being healthy. Sad. Great interview Dr. Baker👍 I’m not 100% carnivore, but 80% of my diet consists of meat. My stomach has calmed down ever since I started drastically reducing fruits and veggies. Certain veggies make me bloated and sick so I have eliminated it. My stomach is healing. My mind is calmer too. Even my cholesterol numbers improved. Thanks Dr. Baker because if I didn’t find your videos I’d probably be still struggling and depressed.

  6. Organs don't make any difference for me either. It's all about the fat; it makes the biggest difference. Fat makes me smile after every meal which is a weird new thing that happens after every meal now. If I don't get that smile, I know I didn't eat enough fat, lol.

  7. I so relate to the cravings for sugar and carbs being overpowering. I’ve been a sugar binger for most of my adult life. I get stuck on certain things and like an automaton I go buy my drug of choice and wait till I’m alone to eat it. It’s like something comes over me and I have to do it to make that go away. It’s a vicious cycle that can only be broken by abstinence and a diet rich in fatty animal meat. I absolutely cannot over eat steak and eggs! Carbs and sugar have no satiety, I can eat till I’m sick and go back the next day and do it again. No rhyme or reason. Carnivore and Keto have been the only thing that has helped me kick this terrible addiction. Wonderful interview!

  8. Dr. Baker, do you know something about protein allergy? Some people tell me about this… I wanna know more how to cure it and the reason for this desease.
    Thank you.

  9. 7 decades of sugar addiction here. It's exactly like he said. Even the anticipation of getting the sweets is a sort of high. In MY case I actually often DO mainline eat multiple spoonfuls of sugar if no processed sweets are available. And I keep eating until it's gone-even after I feel full. I,too, have many of the same physical health problems that he had.

  10. Interesting to hear from another person who had a "lifetime" of insatiable hunger. I can remember being told about, or talked about, by family for my huge appetite as kid as young as age 3 to 5 when I was a tiny skinny underweight thing. I never got past that till age 40 or so when I did the GAPS diet from Dr Patricia Campbell-McBride. By then I'd been through a couple of years of binging and purging as a teen, 15 plus years of antibiotic merry-go-round between my teens to my early 30s, ballooning weight from around age 19 to my 30s, certain years in my 30s having been basically a shut-in since I could only be so many steps from my bathroom sometimes for years at a time or I was drowning in depression some years or my brain just wasn't functioning normally at all.

    I think one big factor in the lifetime of hunger was that my gut had been poor at the job of absorbing nutrients, all my life. My body and my brain was forcing me to search for nutrients for real reasons. I was generationally unhealthy when I was born. It was epigenetics from the start but then life adds more on top of that. I always had problems. I'd never been a healthy or thriving person, even in the periods of life that it appeared that I was, or at least appeared a lot closer to it. From colicky baby to in and out of the hospital from birth to age 6 with what someone later might have labeled cyclical vomiting syndrome to childhood constipation to a million other things over the years… by the time I found anything really helpful for the first time at age 38, I'd learned how to cope with nearly every form of misery. Always have a good attitude. Always try again. Always do more, work harder, be better. Conventional medicine has nothing to help people with serious underlying problems because they've never cared about root causes or cures. Conventional fitness has no clue and makes us worse by far. "Conventional science" exists to torture us and gaslight us and make sure we never look for real answers. But there is such a thing as real healing and Dr McBride was my lifesaver, sent from God. I'm forever thankful for her and her life's work, as well as for Elaine Gotschall and Dr Haas before her. There is still hope. God is good. And even after the new problems that came up in 2020 for me setting me way back again there is still hope for the future. Since carnivore isn't really doing it but has greatly improved my brain fog and mood regulation maybe it's time that I can function well enough to read Dr McBride's newer book.

    It's crazy from this perspective at age 52 to see how most of the world still prefers all the mistakes that cause so much misery and abuse no matter how much there is to prove to us that we are on the wrong path as a society. Whether it's trusting conventional medicine and big pharma or eating the SAD or just the widespread pervasive spiritual weakness of all the people who think human value comes from being the right weight they like to see or from "hotness" we are always surrounded by bad influences, by a world that wants the worst for us and for themselves and for everyone else.

  11. Congratulations Evan! Stay on the right track. Life is a journey. Everybody thinks they are right. Staying drug free will help to keep your mind clear. Best wishes and Merry Christmas.

  12. I relate to him when he was married I’ve been married for 51 years and my husband is a big carb person he’s skinny and he says he has no health problems. But I’ve had health problems all my life I ate pizza the other night and the next day I was so sick but I also were taking care of my grand children for three weeks and they were sick.

  13. Hi Evan in Edmonton!! MAGGIE here at White Haven Farms.. December in Alberta is truly the great white north… minus 26 and snow again today. We are beef cattle ranchers only 2 hours south of you . And you are right about the difference between Grass and Grain fed beef .. ALL beef animals are basically " grass fed " most of their lives .. The feeder yearlings are started on a partial grain rarion as long yearlings and the quantity is increased to about 70/ 30 %:grain/grass to gain the fat for marbling and finish that makes REALLY healthy and flavourful tender beef with the best fat ratio for a human diet . This usually only takes 120 days ..The nutritional value is actually better for uou due to the fat ratio. ALL wild ruminants love and eat grain , either on wild grasses and grains or farmed grains they find in the fields especially in the fall .. The prairie deer and elk put all their fat on for winter , mainly eating grains that are grown by farmers .
    Im so glad you found the path to health Evan !! And uou have also found a great mentor in Dr Baker . You are welcome to visit our ranch anytime . We run Simmental/ Angus crosses, provide some good bredding bulls and pregnant heifers to other ranchers in BC and Alberta and we background our own calves . It is so good to hear of someone who appreciates really good beef and has returned to good-health because of it. That is why we keep doing what we do.. . The declining health of the general population is the biggest tragedy of the 21st century . We hope to see that turn around before we have to quit .Stay well and keep warm!!

  14. Diet isn't everything about that boy !! May his mother did support him more I guess as he was going about of image issues!! OCD never come from Diet Trauma and family issues, Genetics ( one from your family member if even long way about ) . That quick improvement just for adding the missing fats / Amino acids/ Iron / Zinc / B complex that boy was in need for but the improvement is to for life time , He needs to work about his body image issues and his personality to heal mental disorders!

  15. I continued till the end video !! As a therapist I think that boy as well has a perfection disorder , He tried to push on himself all the way !! Be easy on yourself to get results if you are very ill and family / friends who can't see you very sick and weak aren't humans, They don't deserve to even around you !!!

  16. Wheat causes people to stay hungry, which is why they started putting it in everything. Gluten triggers the opioid receptors, which explains why you could binge on a whole pizza by yourself and still be hungry.

  17. What a great young man…what terrible advice he was given from his “health” professionals! Thank God he found the way back to health…
    “I’ll just take off my shirt “..😂

  18. It is a shame that 'liberal' has come to mean that you are in a club of 'right thinking' people who share the same ideas and values. Liberal should mean that you are educated and base your opinions on the evidence available, and not rhetoric. I am a liberal but not in the modern sense. Meat is good, eat it.

  19. I was unhealthy like he was but I ate a very organic vegetable plants based life. No junk food no fast food and I got just as sick as he did eating better. However a year into meat based I wouldn’t say my way was healthy but it was compared to his. Interesting we both got equally as sick. Anyways I agree with him that not everyone needs to be so strict

  20. Enjoyed your interview. It was frightening how poor health this young man was going through. So relieved he found the carnivore died. It sounds like it truly saved his life. Heartfelt ending! 💞🧜‍♀️💞

  21. Been thriving on Carnivore and put my autoimmune in remission, well I ended up drinking for new years and now I’ve been in the hospital for 3 days in a horrible flare.. it’s so frustrating because all the want to feed me is sugar 🤬I’m not gonna do it

  22. I have a suggestion, respectfully saying: we might want to stop referring to all these illnesses and symptoms as “mine”.
    I decided back when I started keto 2 years ago, that I am not claiming all those issues! They are not mine anymore! It really helped me mentally.
    Carnivore 2 weeks and I look and feel so much better! ♥️♥️🙏🏻👍😊

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