So, you’ve heard about working with crystal energy or thought of what it would be like to be a go-to crystal expert or maybe a crystal practitioner. But before diving in too deeply, some worry if they have what it takes.

Do you have what it takes to be a crystal practitioner

I mean this world of being a crystal practitioner… it’s not meant for everyone.

Or is it?

Does it mean you’ve gotta have some sort of innate special talent? I don’t feel that’s the case.

Some of you are letting your potential go to waste because you don’t feel confident with your crystal “abilities” or ready enough.

Now, even though I’m the founder/teacher here at HMCA, I’ve seen SO many come through our doors with more natural talent in their little pinky than I have in my whole body!!! But they NEVER would have realized it if they hadn’t stepped through the portal and been given two things:

  1. the permission they felt they needed
  2. some well-deserved confidence

Imagine what we all would have been missing out on if they hadn’t taken the all-important first steps.

crystal healer

Believe me when I tell you this:

People with a fraction of your gifts are making serious waves while maybe you’re sitting there on the sidelines waiting to feel “ready”.

So, what exactly does it take to be a Crystal Practitioner?

Now, on the other hand… I’m gonna let you know: I’m not one of those “Everybody deserves a trophy!” kind of people. I have strong opinions about (and highly value) standards, integrity, and having to EARN our accomplishments. Otherwise, I find they hold no value for ourselves nor for others.

That being said, please keep in mind this all my opinion. That doesn’t mean this is the RIGHT way. It’s what I’ve seen work for so many after guiding many others on this path for eleven years now. It’s ONE WAY… that works. ♥

What I feel you DO need:

  • Someone to de-code the SCIENCE for you– OK, so you get the top books recommended on the topic of Crystal Energy. They must be good, right? “I’ll just read these + then I’m good to go!” Well, first you might want to check out what I have to say about the books here. But — besides the conflicting info and some books just being better than others… the science may not be explained in a way that you can understand from someone with a solid scientific foundation (and not just parroting something they’ve read somewhere else)… if there’s any science to it at all! When you have questions pertaining to the science behind crystal energy – is there someone at the ready with a solid scientific background to fully break it down and explain it to you? Or perhaps you’d like to have the scientific stuff clarified in a way that you can easily digest. Can the book, website, or teacher you’ve selected do that? By the way, I’ll toot my own horn here and say that this is what I’m known for: infusing the study of crystal healing with science and breaking it down in a way that makes it enjoyable and easily digestible.
  • Natural intuitive attraction to crystals– Are you into this because it’s trendy right now or someone told you you should do it? Or do you have a true calling to work with the crystals? If you’re drawn to being a crystal seller, go-to crystal expert, or crystal practitioner you also need to know that this is most likely something you volunteered to do, a sacred contract you agreed to fulfill in this life… before you were even born! Yes, I truly believe that. You’re “pull” towards doing this sort of work is most likely the gentle reminder of your life’s purpose to better our planet and facilitate healing and evolving in others. Feel into that now. How does that feel? Do you feel like you’ve just been reminded of something? Does it feel familiar or is it even triggering an “a-ha!” moment for you? If it is, pay close attention there. That calling? It’s one that could totally change your life’s path allowing you to create a life in total alignment with your dreams + desires.
  • Solid handle on your emotions – I feel that you must be able to leave your baggage at the door when facilitating for others (whether that’s in a virtual session, selling them crystals, or facilitating in person). So, like, not projecting your bad day onto others or bringing that to the table when responding to other situations. Admittedly, I, myself am not perfect in this, but it’s something I strive for + that I am aware of and continually trying to evolve and improve upon. This is a quote from Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor that I feel is so appropriate for us to remember in these situations:

    “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.”

    crystal healer

    Proudly displayed in my sacred space.

    So important in fact, that we’ve woven it deeply into my Certified Crystal Practitioner Course and made it a part of our Code of Ethics by taking it a little further to say:

    “Please be responsible for the energy you bring into any transaction”.

    And a transaction is not just about money, after all, money = energy.

    It’s about transacting energy — interacting with other people, with another being in any way. So you can see how this applies especially to a crystal energy transaction.

    So yes, I require that our students be mindful of the energy they bring into a transaction of any sort. Of course, we’re not looking for perfection, but you’re held to a certain standard. And while they’re in the academy, we keep a watch on that. Hold them accountable. I feel that’s our duty before allowing someone to graduate with a certification.

What I feel you DON’T need:

  • “I’m the HEALER” Ego – I know that many get intimidated thinking,

“Who am I to be healing anyone?”

Now, this is the ONE thing that is the BIGGEST obstacle that gets in the way. If you can’t get over this one… then no, you’re not cut out for this work. See, when you really get down to it… YOU will not be doing the actual shifting of energy. Ego has a habit of getting in the way and sabotaging us here. I know this from my own experience! Instead, you act as the conduit for Source Energy to flow through.

I mean this in the nicest way possible, but… you need to get ova yourself. 😉 Healing is a two-way street… both the facilitator and the “heal-ee” exchange and receives beneficial energy. Heck! If we waited for all the practitioners to be PERFECT before they did any services for anyone else…. we’d all be waiting a LONG FREAKIN’ TIME!

Crystal healing, crystal healer

  • A need for spoon-fed crystal-dogma – Yeah, if you’re looking to be spoon-fed info + forced into “set in stone” beliefs… maybe you just want to be told what to do and not do any of your own self-exploration, critical thinking, experimenting + inner work to see what’s most in alignment with your own inner knowing, then I don’t think you’ve got what it takes. I know there are some crystal courses out there that force certain doctrines without offering any info on “how” or “why — and some people prefer it that way. They just want to be told what to believe and not question it. But that ain’t how we roll over here. I prefer to empower our students so they become uber-efficient practitioners and go-to crystal experts.

crystal healer

  • Crystal Properties Doctrine – Along the same lines, if you’re looking for a course that simply spews out a hundred crystal properties for you to memorize (“this crystal does this, this crystal does that”) — again, this is something I feel can be definitely done away with. Especially because crystal properties are a-changing! First of all, working closely with ten or so crystals is so powerful! Yes, certain guidelines are useful but I feel they need to be flexible. And, no, memorization is not required. I do feel it’s of utmost importance and so much more effective to bond with and really get to know your crystals on a whole other level while learning the SCIENCE behind how they work and taking a more personal approach to that.

OK, please do feel free to share your stories, comments, and respectful opinions on all this below. I always want to hear what you think and so do others in our Crystal Family!

If this has intrigued you and you’d like to learn more about my Certified Crystal Practitioner Course, click here to get on the Waitlist today! Spring 2021 will be registering soon and this will be an extra special term. 🙂

If not, that’s fine too. I’m thankful you’re a part of our community and love to share crystal knowledge with you here on the blog. Thank you for being part of that.


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