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Do headache & pink discharge with etonogestrel implant indicate pregnancy? – Dr. Teena S Thomas

Etonorgetsrol are a method of contraception. In these things there is an implant a small rod like thing that contains 60mg of progesterone hormones that are implanted subdermally into the arm of the patients. It usually stays there for 3 years, 3 years and beyond you need to remove it. There will be daily release of hormone and the method of action of etonorgetsrol is by preventing ovulation. It causes anovulation also it changes the cervical mucous texture and so the sperm penetration may be very difficult. So it reduces the uterine lining, so implantation cannot happen. So the are the methods of working of etonorgetsrol. Etonorgetsrol once implanted, it stays there and once you are looking for a pregnancy, you go ahead and remove it or it is beyond 3 years you remove it or it stays there. The side effects of etonorgetsrol are there are no periods, there are no proper monthly periods, there may be a lag of 15 days or 45 days, a period of 3 months , absent periods or amenorrhea can also be preset. So this is one of the effects of etonorgetsrol. But it doesn’t cause any uterine periods as the lining has also come down when the lining is less, there is no worries. But etonorgetsrol also causes side effects like warmth, dizziness, At times these can be the side effects of etonorgetsrol. So a mild nausea a or dizziness or feverish or warmth may not indicate that etonorgetsrol has failed and etonorgetsrol has come in there and the chances of it are very less and have these symptoms light be a part of the etonorgetsrol itself which would settle over time. So presence of this might not be an indication of pregnancy, it might be a side effects of etonorgetsrol. It might be side effects of etonorgetsrol. If there is a missed period, you should see a gynecologist and conform, it as there is failure rates is there and rule that out but usually it maybe part of etonorgetsrol implants.


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