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Do abortions affect fertility?

“The answer to the question “do abortions affect fertility?” is that an uncomplicated abortion or a well-managed abortion should not affect fertility. However …


18 thoughts on “Do abortions affect fertility?

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  4. My aunt had multiple abortions early in life. Later on when she settled down and wanted to have kids, she was unable to do so. She had become barron. I don't think abortion will always impact fertility. But she had like three or four of them so I think they might have caused long term damage. I know someone who aborted once a long time ago. It has been several years. But she still suffers mentally from what happened. She feels a lot of guilt and often cries about it she says. And now she is settled down and pregnant. She is keeping this one full term but still feels bad about what happened all those years ago. Mentally, I can't imagine the full scope of what that must be like. But I think it is worth it to look more into the long term emotional and psychological impact having an abortion has on people later on when they have either successfully conceived again or are struggling to conceive.

  5. My story: I considered an abortion 23 years ago. My son is now 23. He's an awesome and talented young man. He works at a bank.

    He's also a musician (pianist and drummer). He also makes music he wants hopes will be in movies one day.

    I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant with him and had never really even held a baby before. I was so scared.

    But I chose to not to have an abortion. I didn't have the support of anyone and was in low income housing and on welfare and was on my own.

    Looking back at that time, I am so thankful to my young self. Even though I was so afraid, I made a choice that put my son (Trevon❤) in my life.

    I can't imagine this world without him. He stops over all the time now that he's older to see us, his siblings, and the family pup. He taught his younger brother piano and drums very well. He is so smart. A deep thinker. And I love him so very much.

    I was just talking to a friend last night. She let me know she actually visited a abortion clinic when she was pregnant at 19. When she told me that I couldn't imagine her son Daniel (now 16) not being a part of her family. He is the sweetest!

    I just wanted to share for anyone considering this option. The sweet and precious life living and growing inside you is someone purposed to be here. God has plans for them…to give them a 'future' and a hope.

    I encourage you to find a local Church or an organization such as Pre-born. Home – Saving Babies and Souls

    I hope and pray all goes well with you❤

  6. There isn’t any scarring in the uterus during abortion, if there is, they’re a shit doctor and you need to sue. This is propagating fear. Get the abortion. Your body, your choice,

  7. If I got pregnant now I would have to have an abortion because I’m too young and pregnancy isn’t healthy and can damage a young body. Like my mom had me at 15 and I permanently damaged her body a lot like through birth and everything. She decided to go through with it, but me, i dont know.

  8. Why would someone who aborted a child turn around and want a baby? They probably don't care about their fertility. Jesus Christ will return soon and the world is getting darker so turn and repent of your sins.

  9. Not ur body and uterus so not ur right because you are just the kindness of god that you still have a uterus to call for an assassination protesting against this kindness of god that you will kill his creation🙏🥺🤫🔥😭

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