Practice breathwork. Sit in a comfortable position sitting with your back straight or lying down and begin with with simple awareness of your natural breath for a few minutes. Get curious about it as you inhale, as you exhale, and even note the pauses in between.

When ready, take a deep diaphragmatic breath, by inhaling deep into your belly, expanding your ribs and chest. Really stretch the inhale to your fullest capacity. Then take a huge automatic sigh of relief on the exhale, while consciously relaxing all tension. Keep up the deep breathing, and release more with each exhalation.

Send breath and its healing energy up to your head when you exhale. Stay very calm, present, and mindfully focus on all the details of your sensations without a mental story about them, without resisting and fighting with what is, which makes it worse. Practice consciously embracing and even intensifying the sensations, which actually helps alleviate it. See this as an opportunity to train yourself to surrender and relax with discomfort. It is great practice for labor and life.

To help you learn deeper diaphragmatic three tiered breathing, place your hands on your belly, and concentrate on breathing into them.

  1. Exhale slowly through your mouth with an audible sigh.

  2. Inhale deep into your belly for a count of 4 or 5. Imagine a pump expanding your abdomen and lower back, causing you to inhale, then allows your ribs to expand with air, then your upper chest to rise towards your collarbone and shoulders.

  3. For a count of 4 to 5, slowly release your breath through your mouth in the same order as the inhale – from abdomen to ribs then upper chest. Let go and relax more each time you exhale.

  4. Repeat this cycle for a total of 8 times or at least a few minutes.

Play with ratios and see what feels better to you in different situations. First try keeping the length of inhale and exhale the same as explained above. Then try extending the exhale. Inhale deeply into your belly as above, for a count of 3 or 4, then double the exhale to a count of 6 or 8. While breathing in this way, again focus on internal sensations, surrendering and relaxing deeper with each exhalation. Repeat for several cycles for at least a few minutes.  

Practice regularly the form of breathwork that helps you the most. If you need guidance mastering your breathwork or want to learn conscious connected breathing that is sure to increase energy, vitality and well-being, schedule a session with me.

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