I first saw an advertisement for the movie: BIRTH CONTROL: How Did We Get Here? in a Christian woman’s magazine. It is a documentary geared toward asking why we use birth control. What struck me was its explanation of how birth control, pornography, and abortion are actually all tied in one monstrous issue. It documents what led to our current beliefs about birth control. 

I’ve known Satan has targeted families for years, but I had not thought of the idea that he might have been also targeting the size of them this whole time.

This is not to say that the unmarried person or the family of just one child is immature as a Christian.

What I am saying is that this movie gives you reason to believe that there has been a well-crafted, targeted approach in our land (for over 100 years) to eradicate the content, large Christian family. The enemy’s goals are to make people selfish, godless, and have empty lifestyles so they will stay far from God – ending up in hell with their offspring never being born.

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