After 8 years on the vegan diet I lost a lot of hair and am pretty much bald on top. Iv been eating the carnivore diet for about 9 months now and my hair seems to be growing back a bit. I talk about hair growth and diet in todays video.

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25 replies on “Did the VEGAN DIET make me go BALD and is the CARNIVORE DIET growing new hair back”

  1. Your content is so worthless it's funny and sad at the same time. Just another crazy idiot who actually thinks he is super smart spouting garbage that doesn't make any sense. But hey man gotta get that youtube money someway yea?

  2. In my opinion, everyone is a vegetarian. And this is because I know that all living creatures belong to the plant kingdom. Everything in life is plant based, including flesh, which is why we have the ancient Flower of Life symbol. It means that everything is botanical and plant based. So with all the variety of plant species on earth, they fall into two categories; and that is inert and motile. Inert plants are soil based and only moves within limitations, which covers all plants and trees and vegetation and fruits. And everything else is the motile variety, which are plants that move about freely.

    So everything that walks, slides, crawls, flies and swims are motile plants. So fishes in the sea eat fish, animals on land eat animals, and some animals are herbivores and some humans who try to be. But either way, it’s all vegetarian. I consider meat to be vegetarian and inert plants to be vegan.

    Now as of yet, I don’t see any evidence with my own eyes that it’s necessary for humans to eat only inert. Sometimes it’s necessary to lighten up on the motile and go inert some days to lose some weight or lower cholesterol or something. But if anyone goes strictly inert then it should only be because they have spiritually evolved to that level, to the point where absolute inert is all they want and crave for and they don’t mind at all going bald.

  3. Dude I can attest to this. I increased my protein intake and my hair grew back. Balding is caused by protein deficiency not genetics. And a vegan diet has less protein, the carnivore diet has way more protein. You should add whey protein shakes

  4. Hey Rob! Do you think this could also be linked to a side effect of corticoids/antibiotics/antifungics ? I did this madness last year for my dermatis and this year lost almost 1/3 of my hair… but now its stable, no more falling. It was last month, on the second week i started eating meat again (was vegetarian for 10 y.). Got a problem similar to yours, thought the dermatitis came last year, together with the total lack of nutrients in my body after my veg 10 year diet… thanks for all the info you provide! 🙂

  5. My hair has been falling out to the point where it has become scary. I was pescatarian for 3 years then vegetarian and finally vegan for 2 years …after I cut out all flesh that's when I really noticed the change. I, like you, have done many cleanses and fasts and seriously thought that I was taking my health into my own hands. I believed that the hair fall was a detox symptom in regards to destroying the body built from meat (to building a new body from plants.) I'm done with that and finally incorporating meat. Although I am hesitant on eating it (beef, chicken), I never had issues with my hair when I was a carnivore. I read a comment somewhere that Fruits and Veggies Clean, while Meat nourishes. Its like the trifecta of health. So yeah, I think Veganism was the issue to losing your hair or at least sped up the process.

  6. I love the end and I couldn't agree more…the vegan diet is terrible and dangerous. It was funny when he said "I actually do blame the vegan diet for going bald. If I wouldn't have gone vegan, I would still have a big red afro right now". At least he was honest with his opinion.

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