Diagnosis of Syphilis EXPLAINED | Non-treponemal and Treponemal

Learn all about the diagnosis of syphilis. We’ll cover non-treponemal (RPR and VDRL) and treponemal tests (FTA-ABS and TP-PA) and how to interpret these results depending on the order in which you do them.

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We’ll also walk through a practice question at the end so that you can answer those pesky test questions easily.

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-Video Content-
00:00 Intro
00:24 Non-treponemal
01:06 Treponemal
01:26 Non-serologic tests
01:52 Diagnostic approach
03:14 Case 1
03:45 Case 2
04:23 Case 3
05:19 Case 4
06:05 Test names
06:37 Practice question


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