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My Dear Readers,

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Poetry Reading

I am deeply grateful to Ingrid for her beautiful reading of my poem “Destiny of this earth.” [included in the anthology]

You can visit Ingrid’s post below

or here is a direct link to Ingrid’s reading and the text of my poem.

destiny of this earth
you are my destiny too
I burn in wildfires and spin in the eyewalls of hurricanes that should never be
I sit at the intersection of two bridges that lead nowhere
wonder how many days this earth and I have left
there is no more laughter in the eyes of the stars
there are no more shells on the shore
the waves leave behind the deformed plastic of heated summers
echoes of drunken voices
I vacillate between the poetry of broken glass and the memory of winters
that do not exist anymore
metallic noises breathe the air
and eat from the shoulder of the mountain
a curse floats in the horizon

my earth
in autumn when I used to break the fruit of the vines under my feet
you nursed me under your shades of green
dressed me in small shy roses
covered my face in the first dew of your mornings
now tell me
how to heal the wounds of your forests
placate the jaws of your non-ending storms
erase the negative of love from the face of your cries

destiny of this earth
you are my destiny too
teach me what saviors do

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