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Dermatologist shops what is NEW IN SKIN CARE AT WALMART. #shopwithme #walmart #skincare

In today’s video I go to Walmart and shop for skin care products. Walmart has new skin care products from Neutrogena, including peptide firming cream and liquid exfoliants for dry skin, combination skin, and oily skin.

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Equate gentle lotion
Neutrogena ultra gentle cleanser
Neutrogena peptide cream
Neutrogena dry skin liquid exfoliant
Neutrogena 9% AHA/PHA blend
Neutrogena glycolic/citric acid blend

My video on expiration dates
My UPF jacket
My sunglasses

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42 thoughts on “Dermatologist WALMART SHOP WITH ME SKIN CARE| Dr Dray

  1. Love your shop with me videos! But I’m a fan of all your videos! Thanks for teaching us so much! And wow didn’t know about the sunscreen in a cooler- great tip!

  2. Hi Dr. am a follower on all the video’s you do , its so informative and helpful thank you so much
    Can you plz do a video review bout Dermamelan peel for melasma on skin of color plz

  3. Dr. Dray, I found the MDSolarSciences line because of your videos, thank you, it's a good brand for me. I have to order it online because no stores here carry it. When my package arrived the tubes were warm from the shipping process. Should I be worried about how hot it gets in the shipping box? Is it better just to buy what I can get off the shelf during the warm months?

  4. My daughter has extremely dry skin on her face due to having to wear a mask for extended periods of time at school. Once she started using your recommendation of the Walmart gentle skin cream, her skin looks like nothing ever happened. Thank you!

  5. I have problems finding products without silicones, parabens, phthalates, quaterniums, etc. And do you have videos on palmitates, alcohols (stearyl, cetyl), and other very prevalent chemical ingredients in skin products? Would be so helpful!

  6. Why aren’t you a singer ?!?! So many people who have beautiful singing voices and I’m like “where did u learn to sing” most of them say “I just taught myself/you can watch YT videos too to learn” I’m like “I need a vocal coach” but like just am baffled at how some ppl r natural at learning or just good without much practice but choose to do something 1000% diff from their careers

  7. Hi, I love this video! Thanks for taking the time to make it. I was wondering if you recommended any cheap, good quality, like, acne cream? Spot treatment? Anything really, I just am looking for some curology replacement lol

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