Deep Sleep | Third Eye Chakra | Binaural Beats | 432Hz | 8 Hours

This chakra sleep balancing music series previously had millions of views before being hacked. As the creator and composer of this deep sleep music chakra balancing series, reading the comments on the 7 main Chakra Sleep Music Videos is the highlight of my nightly relaxing routine. Recently, we have been wrongfully attacked by darkness again. I think this means we are really doing something right.

This Deep Sleep Third Eye Chakra balancing music, is written, produced and recorded by the same music producer but since we had to start over, we did upgrade the video a bit. At the request of many viewers, the music in this third eye program lasts for 8 hours, which can be intense. if it’s too intense for you, please try one of the others on our sleep playlist. After the 3 minute introduction, the screen will go dark to a completely Black Screen.

For 8 hours, Binaural Beat Theta Waves, (4Hz) will first lull you into a hypnogogic state where the frequencies of the Ajna, Brow Chakra, or “Third Eye Chakra” (3rd eye), will be toroidal balanced and opened through the sympathetic resonance of our phituning method to The Golden Ratio perfection, making this the ultimate stress relief music.

This third eye chakra is the mind center of the pineal gland, which helps regulate our intuitive and psychic abilities, while strengthening our imagination and overall creativity. Bringing this Third Eye Chakra into balance will clear out brain fog and put an over active imagination at ease. When the third eye is out of balance, this can lead to exhaustion, insomnia, headaches and vision problems. Bringing this Third Eye Chakra into balance, will also help you master one’s ability to trust one’s intuition, and inner voice, which is the essence of inner peace, and transversely, one’s outer harmony.

Balancing this Third Eye Chakra will help activate a calcified Pineal gland and provide you with instant stress relief and give you the most relaxation and deepest sleep possible.

At the end of 8 hours, this video will gently wake you up to an ocean sunrise, and with messages of love and gratitude to start your day.

This new way of fractal tuning just might be the greatest invention Nikola Tesla gifted to the world. Only through Vortex mathematics did he discover what he would later call, “the miracle of 369”, which is the phi tuning used to create all of the music on the Phi Tribe Channel.

Phi Tribe
It’s Deeper Than You Think.

Composed Produced and Mixed by FORD
FordProductions, Atlanta

Video created by Ford

Phi Tribe is your exclusive source for all music using this balanced tuning, with an entire catalog of music created in 432Hz and utilizing Phi Tuning methods to suit any mood or activity.

Released by Phi Tribe Entertainment

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48 thoughts on “Deep Sleep | Third Eye Chakra | Binaural Beats | 432Hz | 8 Hours”
  1. I appreciate you. Keep doing this work! Thank you for not having ads. Also hello readers. You are loved when you are giving love, like st. Francis. I tell you to help me remember. Spread the love.

  2. This is the only way I can sleep at night anymore without fear. Each day feels like it could kill me, and each night, it used to be even worse. I'd avoid sleep at all costs, which took a toll. But now I can sleep without fear and actually rest myself mentally, physically, and emotionally.
    Thank you so much

  3. When I first put this music on a had a weird but kinda good dream and it was trippy and just in case you don’t know what I mean by trippy it means like I was Hallucinating kind I never had such good music like this

  4. I like all of them, but this one is my favorite of all! Every night I listen to different ones, but this is the one I go back to! I love it!πŸ’•

  5. Yes, I too listen ro them all but this is the favorite one. Every night at 830 pm i turn it on for my daughter while I rub her back (#spoiled) and she rarely EVER makes it past 20 minutes into the video

  6. Bruh its really a gamble to watch these videos especially when your relaxed and want to fall asleep but then the ads blasts you with loud music totally ruins the vibe lmao

  7. This didn’t really help me any. I am not sure why but I feel a lot more anxious and I have kind of a sharp pain in my chest so I’m not sure if thats a part of the process but I still cant sleep even after listening to this.

  8. Yes it's relaxing…but some of these comments are so transparent and cap so hard!
    But I won't knock the hustle….Do what you gotta do to make it thru. πŸ‘

  9. I walk in the woods to find my peace. I sit and just listen to the wind blowing through the trees,the birds chirping, the crows chatting and the waves of the pond breaking on the shore. It makes me feel in tune with nature and the real reason for our lives. I had everything "money" so I thought as we all do but after a very bad accident and losing everything I came back to myself and realized that it all means nothing . Peace of mind and soul cannot be bought so every now and then go sit in the woods and listen and I promise you will find peace that you never knew could exist.

  10. Would you please make or direct me to a n hour long version of this? I can't sleep with it going all night, and the alarm wakes me earlier than I should get up. (Recovering from 6+ yrs of nights with 2-6 hrs of sleep, trauma, mental/physical health issues/disability.) Thanks for considering and for all the help you've given me!

  11. Stumbled across this video and I’m glad I did. I had the best nights sleep I have had in a while and I had some of the craziest realistic dreams. I also woke up in the middle of the night feeling so refreshed. Such a great experience ❀

  12. I'm so grateful for this. Im addicted. I made some shorts so I can get my fix of my fav parts at will. I'm obsessed. I wish I could have tagged you. I remembered your name on the second shirt and gave you credit πŸ’•β€οΈπŸπŸ’‹πŸ˜Ž

  13. I can sleep instantly I have heavy trauma on my mind and can’t sleep so good without having brutal dreams. This makes me soooo calm and sleepy I forget everything. Thanku 🫢🏼

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