Deadlift Form Check | Coaching for Sumo + Conventional Technique Session

Hi I’m Meg, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition L1 Coach, Certified Pre- & Postnatal Coach, USAPL Certified …


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43 thoughts on “Deadlift Form Check | Coaching for Sumo + Conventional Technique Session”
  1. The knees!! That has been my biggest problem and why I also worry with heavy deadlifts due to bruises on my knees the day after exercise. I will definitely start recording myself to see and then just hips back ! Love that advice thank you Meg!!

  2. Vanessa just comes across like the sweetest nicest person! And it's so cool how she's lifting through her pregnancy! People say some weird shit to me about how lifting and running is dangerous, I can't imagine the comments pregnant women get 😂😂

  3. It is wildly impactful to have someone this attuned to movement giving cues for lifts. I have had less knowledgable coaches give me cues to glide the bar down my legs when lowering out of a deadlift, so I did the same thing where I hinged both my knees and my hips on the descent and would bump my knees with the bar or dumb bells.THIS is why I'm now signed up for Stronger by the Day. Because your/your teams knowledge and experience shines through every demo, every guided workout, every IG story, every YT collab, all of it. So excited to finally be an official Strong Strong Friend 😀

  4. I’m TTC and really loving this series. The cues and connection breath reminders are helpful. I also appreciate clear guidelines on lifting during pregnancy which helps so much with mindset when you shift from RPE 8-10 to committing to stay strong at lower RPE.

  5. The erg (rowing machine) really helped me understand the order of operations for deadlifts bc they are the same: push w legs, bring back the torso, relaxed arm follow through then reverse. No rowing over a barrel. I hate the erg. I love the erg.

  6. Question. It looks like her knees are going forward over the bar, on sumo. On sumo, shouldn't your shins be vertical? At least most videos I've seen seem to want vertical shins.

  7. I've just been using dumbbells, haven't touched a bar yet since I'm not quite there yet in weight but I literally went "OH MY GOD" when I saw you show the difference in position at the beginning and end of the lift. It makes so much sense. Also this video FLEW right by, I love when I can stay engaged with something, thats how you know it's quality content 😉. Thanks!

  8. This was so so helpful. I learnt the diaphragmatic breathing from watching your previous vides on that and have incorporated that throughout my workouts during pregnancy. This video just made it even more clearer in terms of lifting technique and breathing. Thanks a ton 🙏🙏

  9. You are extraordinary Meg. Your explanation all the way through was great. The part when you explain about keeping the body strong throughout pregnancy so you can maintain strength and keep the body healthy.

  10. It's so funny and understandable how hard it is to actually take the tips/advice on board in the moment. I remember my PTs training me and I just couldn't get it at the time. Now I'm like oh yeaaahhh, this is how my body is supposed to move, but that's only because I've been doing it for so long now. It's all about practice, muscle memory, and time.

  11. I definitely have this lifter's problem of having my knees in the way. This was really helpful and I'd love to see more. I feel like the bar hits my shins pretty often.

  12. Loved this video! And ultra relatable to me currently as I am myself 17ish weeks pregnant! I know not all can relate to pregnancy specific training vids, but would love to see more like this sprinkled in! 😊

  13. Holy shit the breath cues on this changed my deadlift! I watched this last night and deadlifted today and finally was able to raise my deadlift training max after monthssss of being stuck

  14. I found that if you put your hands out near where the weight sits you will get good results when I started training like this I was surprised at the results I was married

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