DBT Training – Learning How To Use Neutral Thoughts

dbt therapy with Dr. Norton

Did you know that getting upset or having judging thoughts is fattening? It actually is. When we get upset, cortisol levels go up and the brain sends a message to find fat and store fat. This is hardwired into our brain, a left over from our caveman days. The brain assumes that if we are upset there’s a woolly mammoth chasing us and we may be stuck in a cave for who knows how long. At this point the only critical thing is survival so we should store some fat.

In today’s world there are very few woolly mammoth’s, unless you have a boss that loves to chase you around the desk, or you have a job where your life is in danger. Fortunately most of us are very unlikely to be in great peril such that the fight or flight response is overkill. It is much more likely to get triggered today when we get angry or frustrated.

So what we want to do is keep those judging thoughts and flashes of anger to a minimum. And we can do that by doing dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) training 

Here is how it works; by simply changing judging words into neutral words we lower our cortisol levels. So “that selfish biatch” becomes  “She has trouble sharing which comes off as uncaring at times.” 

Learning how to use neutral thoughts will change your life. Try it and let us know what happened! Or call us and we will get you signed up for DVT training with Dr. Norton.

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