Daysy Review | Natural Birth Control | The Fertility Awareness Method

Today i’m giving my review of the Daysy, a natural birth control method. The Daysy is an awesome piece of technology that uses the lady comp algorithm and is 99.4% accurate. It allows you to track your temperatures with the fertility awareness method and makes tracking super quick and easy!

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If you would like to know more about the birth control & how I have a zero waste period then check out these videos –

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Daysy Unboxing & first look –

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31 thoughts on “Daysy Review | Natural Birth Control | The Fertility Awareness Method

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  3. I use something a little similar, I don't know if there is an english word for it but it's called Symptothermie in French. I check my temperature in the morning with a basal thermometer and the aspect of my cervical mucus (I really hope I'm using the right english word here! haha) in the evening. And depending what the results are I know where I am in my cycle. I've been using it for 8 months now and it feels good to be able to control your fertility without taking something bad for you body!

  4. Love the review! As a Gray-Ace I simply don't have sexual intercourse (regardless whether I do or don't have a boyfriend/partner) but I agree on what you said about the regular pill and putting chemicals in your body.
    I've tried the regular pill for 2 months but didn't even complete it. I initially asked for those bandaid-like pills because I knew I would start to forget to take the pill every single day. Though with two or three weeks I started to hate the idea of putting all these chemicals in my body. I never take any painkillers either because of the same reason. Luckily I a high level of pain-tolerance ^^.

    At the moment I don't take birthcontrol at all. My menstruation is pretty much painfree aside from a very slight pressure in my lowerbelly during the first 12 hours. While some may think I'm lucky because I have like no pain or whatsoever, I don't know when it's going to come. I only know when it's too late, so to speak ^^.

    Note I didn't have a boyfriend at the time when I did take the pill. I didn't have a reason to take it, my mentstruation is, even after 10 years, pretty regular.

  5. Thank you for this! Lately, I was trying to think of other ways to do a natural method of birth control besides having to do the counting on a calendar. I mean, there are apps that track this, but it is also good to have a physical device that confirms in your own body if you are good to go or not. I'm def going to check this out!

  6. My favorite is Kindara and their therm. called the "Wink" 🙂 Works well for us. Thanks for sharing your experiences! The temp is only 1/2 the story though in my opinion..we need both temp and fluid check everyday to know what your body is telling you. Happy for you and your journey unraveling! Full support and love! <3

  7. Yes! Definitely the method I'll be using – with an app or on paper. (However, I'd like to say do your research: FemmeHead is an awesome yt channel and the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility pretty much covers everything) 🙂

  8. I understand that this is really good as a way of getting to know your own body and your own cycle, but as birth control… I mean I’m sure it works, but preventing pregnancy is only one part of safe sex, and it is not going to protect against STIs. I am on the pill, simply because it has helped with my severe menstrual cramps, but a condom and other practices for safe sex is always wise. Unless you’re in the rare situation where you’re in a steady relationship and neither of you has had sex with anyone else before. I’m just worried that our wish to be minimalist and zero waste is going to blind us to the risk of STIs and make us ignore safe sex procedures. So I wish you would have mentioned the con of not protecting against STIs.

  9. I had such an awful experience on hormonal birth control and only managed to last 4 months because everyone around me (apart from my partner) was telling me that I NEEDED it at my age to not get pregnant! We use the brand Fair Squared for protection but other than that I use the Flo app which is so good at predicting my period that I trust it for understanding the rest of my cycle. I'm actually the opposite I like seeing the 'vague' readings on the app and then just listening to my body is how I prefer to stay in tune with it – but as you said to each their own! Thank you for this video! I'm so happy little things like this are available and enable us to 'cheat' mother nature without cheating our bodies. It's a shame it's in a price range that make people think it isn't worth the money but we just need to remember that it's all going back into research and improving these incredible little products! 💚

  10. FAM is amazing and Taking Charge of Your Fertility should be required reading for teenage girls! I just use a Basel thermometer, pen and paper though, and monitor the other indicators. I don't really want an app storing my fertility info, but maybe I'm old fashioned 😊

  11. Great info! I've been tracking my cycle for over 7 years using the iPeriod app and it has made such a difference. I can predict my cycle as well as watch for abnormalities that may come from diet changes, stress, change in routine and such, which helps me make better choices for my body. Barbara O'Neill gives an awesome lecture on how hormone levels fluctuate during the month and what thing affect those levels; it is really a wealth of information. Check it out if you haven't seen it 🙂

  12. Thanks for the video! I'll tell you my experiences with birth control. I started it at 15 and I am 38 now.

    First I started on the pill. Went back to the doctor the first month because I experienced a kind of female impotence since using it: I would not get wet even if I was aroused. Doctor said that was impossible but still gave me a different pill. That had that same side effect and in total, we tried six different birth control pills. Doctor insisted the pill could not be the cause of the not getting wet. I insisted I'd never had that problem before. On top of the 'impotence', I also gained a LOT of weight, my breasts were swollen and painful through the entire month and I felt depressed. So I gave up on the pill, the doctor told me never to try any hormonal anticonception again since my body clearly did not take it well. All the side effects were gone within a week after quitting the pill.

    So after that I was single for a while and then at 18 I got into a new relationship and decided on a copper IUD. At the time, this was rare in women who had not had children, especially teenagers, but the doctor agreed on it after my mom joined me to her office and explained I was not just going to sleep around and stuff. The copper IUD was a Multiload, normal size. That was a bit to big for me and I always felt it during sex. Apart from that and a little extra bleeding and cramps during menstruation, I was absolutely fine with the IUD. After five years it needed replacement and I got the short version of the same brand. That worked fine until I started having pains in the lower belly and I got an ultrasound which revealed it was not in the right place, which caused irritation in my uterus. So the IUD was replaced with a new one. And then a bit of a cycle occurred where the same thing would happen, IUD would be removed and replaced and that new one would also start wandering through my uterus. So the gynecologist tried a different type: the Flexi-T, which also went on a walk straight away and that's when the gyn said you can now only try this IUD called Gynefix, which is hooked through your uterus wall and therefore cannot wander off. I did not like that idea at all, but I had run out of options, so I had that placed, which was a lot more painful to undergo than the normal IUD's by the way. Straight after that, I became sick. Feverish, felt cold in the lower back, pelvic pain, shivering and sweating. I hung in there for a while with pain killers until on day 12 I had it removed in a rush when my fever shot up. Had a fever for 10 days after that, and a lot of pain. It was a very hot summer but I was constantly shivering and packing myself in wool and hot water bottles and sweating like i was in the sauna. I had a uterus wall-inflammation. It could have been worse, my body managed to deal with it without antibiotics. But it was a big drain and my uterus hurt for quite a while after that.

    That is when I decided I was done with IUD's. So now I'm planning on buying Daysy. I'm so happy it exists and people like you have tested it already. Never again with the classic contraceptives!!!

  13. Yes yes!! I love this so much. Thanks for the reminder of empowering ourselves and getting to know and trust our bodies. Something I think we could all benefit from for sure!

  14. Hi my lovelies I hope you're all doing well today. I'm so in love with this little thermometer, it's making tracking my temperatures so easy and so after three months of using it I wanted to give you an update and a review of how I’ve found it.
    If you would like to get £20 off your own daysy use the code 'LOVELIFE' at check out 🤗

    If you have any questions at all please let me know, i'm happy to help. ❤️

    Hope you're all having an awesome day,

    Kay x

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