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Skin care routine for day and night for both men and women

Hi, Everyone! In this video you will be getting a basic skin care routine for day and night. It should be followed by both men and women. “Always Use every product according to your skin type for amazing and effective results.”
Skin needs care; I will going to share the routine in steps down below;
For Morning Skin Care
Step # 1
Clean your face with Micellar water
Step # 2
Do scrub/exfoliation (twice or thrice a week)
Step # 3
Wash your face with your skin type face wash/cleanser
Step # 4
Apply toner OR rose water as a toner
Step # 5
Apply Essence lotion (Optional)
Step # 6
Apply Moisturizer
Step # 7
Apply Sun block, Sun screen (minimum 30 SPF)
For Night Skin Care
Repeat Steps # 1 to 5
Step # 6
Apply Night cream or Aloe Vera gel
Sleep well 
I know these are so many steps but, due to sun exposure, UVA and UVB rays damages our skin.
If you want to look younger and remove early signs of aging then, must follow this routine and result will be appear for sure.
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