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Hello Everyone,
Welcome Back To My Channel. In todays video, I take you guys along with me as I am recovering from my C-section. I will show you my postpartum set up and how things are going so far with breastfeeding, and everything else that comes along with postpartum. In this video, we also give the baby her first bath which she did not like.Please don’t judge me you guys because I am looking SOOOOO CRAZY in this video lol. I really just wanted to document this time and show my raw authentic self because postpartum has its beauty and joys but it also can be rough at times as well. As always don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE !!!! xoxo~Brittany

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  1. Your baby is so precious! My little one is 13 days old and her umbilical cord stump fell off a few days ago and she is in desperate need of a bath but I’m waiting for my husband because after he gets off from work he is so tired, hopefully tonight. How is the breastfeeding going? Trust your body and take it a day at a time. Most of the initial weight loss is fluid losses and c-section moms gets lots of fluids so I’m pretty sure that’s why she lost so much weight. This is my second time breastfeeding and I thought it would be easier in the beginning the second time but it’s about the same. I still had sore nipples and awful engorgement when my milk came for days longer than my first. Now things are so much better and my daughter eats like a champ (she is so greedy, lol). She goes for her 2 week checkup tomorrow so I’m curious to see how much she weighs. I have been really lazy (and I had a vaginal delivery, lol) but today I got enough energy to get out the bed before 12 and try to tackle some things around the house. Also, so you get out the bed in the middle of the night to change diapers and nurse? I am so lazy, I just change the diaper on the bed and nurse in the bed. By the time it is almost dawn, I am falling asleep while nursing, lol. I can’t wait until she is big enough where she can latch her self and I can sleep while she nurses.

  2. Awww I love this!!!! She is just perfect and such a beautiful name ❤ I'm so glad to hear that your recovery has been going well. I cant wait to watch your birth video!! Congratulations on Hubby's new job!!

  3. I love the set up for Alana. Honestly, she is such a doll! She looked so peaceful on her boppy pillow. You are so chill, you make momming look like a breeze lol! TFS!

  4. I just found your channel and I am so in love! Your are so positive and uplifting, I am currently 24 weeks pregnant, also with my 3rd baby girl and will also have a C-section this time 'will be my second'. Please tell me the second c-section is better then the first! lol

  5. Came across your channel and happy I did.iam 29weeks with a baby girl and she is also my third baby girl.good to see you are recovering well after a 3rd c-section because that gives me courage because am going to have a c-section also making it my third c-section. Hmm hoping to go for baby number 4 after this pregnancy.

  6. What a beautiful baby! I love the idea of using standard white washcloths. After having 3 little ones myself, I know all too well how flimsy those baby washcloths are. I wish I would have thought about it sooner. Bath time could have gone a lot smoother.

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