Cyclical Living 💫 Womens Health Tips For Heart Mind And Body ⟳ Episode 3

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Our program talks about “Cyclical Living” but tries to cover the subjects:
-womens health tips for heart mind and body
-Conscious Menstruation
-why we have a menstrual cycle

Please take 4 minutes to have a look at our video and find out why we are the very best choice regarding Conscious Menstruation…
One thing I noticed when I was looking for information on “Cyclical Living” was the absence of relevant info.
Cyclical Living nevertheless is a topic that I know a lot about. This video therefore should matter and of interest to you.

Each episode is focused on a particular topic such as menstruality, fertility, sexuality, pregnancy/childbirth, motherhood, peri-menopause and other themes crucial for the woman’s cyclical experience.

Knowing and understanding your own body-mind can help in any healing process and can make a woman’s life easier. Menstrual disorders, hormonal disorders, fertility issues, cervical issues etc can become opportunities to retrieve the connection with the wisdom of our body, emotions and intuitions.

Specialized guests will be invited to share their vision and expertise and help Nadia raising awareness and developing a better understanding of women’s magical lives.

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We hope you have actually gained some beneficial information by now, The next step is to act and provide us a chance to make things much better. See you on the other side!
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