CRINGE WORTHY: Railroad & Recruitment Videos

We are going to be watching some youtube videos that make you cringe and have some fun. My gear I use from Amazon (Affiliate …


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9 thoughts on “CRINGE WORTHY: Railroad & Recruitment Videos”
  1. God bless you freight guys I lasted 2and half years and I went back to passenger I retired in August and yes I made between 100 and 200 thousand a year so it ain't so bad you still do not have a life Evan after 20 years tuesday/wensday

  2. Union Pacific is not a great place to work, ask anyone who is T E & Y …Funny they talk about a career… I am one of 3 left from my class of 15. UP's attrition rate is right around 80%

  3. Thank you for making your videos and for helping the country out by working on freight trains! I have a few questions to ask for a project I am doing in school rn regarding a job I want in the future. How much job experience would you recommend to become a train conductor, how common are furloughs, how often do you feel fatigued, and what is a piece of advice you would give to new conductors? Any help i can get on this is appreciated

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