COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall with Two Healthcare Professionals: Felicia French & Denise Link

This virtual Town Hall about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) took place on April 4th.

Felicia French has over 35 years of global healthcare experience as a nurse, a MedEvac helicopter pilot, and Medical Commander in the Arizona National Guard and as a Medical Advisor in Afghanistan.

Denise Link is a women’s health nurse practitioner and university professor with over 40 years of healthcare experience.

This Virtual Town Hall covered:
-Overview of coronavirus
-CDC recommendations and protective measures
-COVID ACT Now graph explanations
-Military resources and capabilities to combat coronavirus
-How coronavirus can be a positive force for change
-Future health crisis prevention

Team French has also put together a COVID-19 Resource Page to provide updates on the virus’s impact and access to critical resources for you and your family, as we ride out this pandemic.

Please use these medical, economic and community resources to remain up to date on this evolving public health crisis and stay safe:

View the entire Town Hall here:


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