Coronavirus vaccine still effective despite over 100 ‘breakthrough cases,’

Hawaii recorded more than 100 “breakthrough cases” of people who contracted COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated, but the cases represent less than 1% of the total number of residents who have been vaccinated, Hawaii Department of Health Director Dr. Libby Char said today on Spotlight Hawaii.

Char said that the vaccine is very effective and the best way to prevent illness and death from the coronavirus.

Char said that there have been a high number of positive cases among people who have received just a single dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, both of which require two doses separated weeks apart. There have been so many instances that DOH has stopped counting them, she said.

She urged the public to complete both doses of the vaccine and take to advantage of the wide availability of the vaccine throughout the community.


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  1. Oooookaaaay! Please my son's in laws all got vaccinated both shots. After one month of getting injection they all tested positive for cv-19 so yeah I will say more than that. 🙁

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