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Coronavirus outbreak: California declares state of emergency following 1st COVID-19 death

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Wednesday he has declared a state of emergency across the state after confirming California’s first death from COVID-19.

Newsom said his decision to declare a state of emergency was not only a result of the confirmed death but because of confirmed cases of the virus on a California-based cruise ship. Newsom said the patient who died had been a passenger on the ship.

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36 thoughts on “Coronavirus outbreak: California declares state of emergency following 1st COVID-19 death

  1. The old coronavirus found in 2002, does not modify its own genetic code (DNA) when it enters different blood types. This means that this virus is going to be a big headache for biologists and it didn't come from anything simple. If there is something worse to happen, it is due to global warming that has been melting the polar caps at an accelerated rate and throwing mutant bacteria and viruses into the sea that have been incubating in the feces and urine of dinosaurs inside the ice for millions of years. The fish may be contaminated with something never seen before, since the disease started at a fish market in China in the city of Wuhan.

  2. All of California's museums, theme amusement parks, remain open, what kind of state of emergency is this? People all over the country including myself visited California iconic museum. If California was serious about this state of emergency they would close all public culturally recreational places.
    Gavin Newsome is going to allow the virus to spread, infecting and killing millions. That is his plan!
    Residents of California should protest!

  3. Is it any surprise? CA invites illegal immigrants and has the highest homelessness which is like a Petri dish . No way of knowing what those illegals are bringing in to this country and the homeless live in constant squalor which is also encouraged by the leaders of CA. The only thing that amazes me is that the citizens of CA continues time and again to re-elect the very ppl that are destroying their state….duh…

  4. People are taking this video and saying you called martial law. This is where the roomier came from n you didn’t say that. Making people flip out for nothing. Yahoo has a link going around on Facebook with a lie. Martial law ain’t happening.

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  6. Well it’s funny our government and other government from all over the world knew about the virus and they wait to the last minute to tell the people. Man made disease to bring population down and they screwed up they let it get out of hand now they want to show how much power our communist democrats have in California. They don’t no what the hell they are talking about they don’t have a cure for the disease. Hope some of our communist Democrats get the virus.

  7. Can they helps us not get evicted. Many of friends and family have gotten lay off and fired because of no business and closures of businesses. Is really affecting alot of people. That way people can stay home calmly

  8. wow, california elected a 4th grade level speaker. i hope to god his parents had to pay for all of his school and taxpayer money wasn't used. and he looks like a damn cartoon

  9. Uh first is the ship uh now first case is in nail salon uh um uh uh lies uh more lies uh I don’t really know where it from uh let trace uh everyone uh not including the homeless uh uh population uh um uh uh let trace and follow everyone with uh uh HR666 bill so we can come in their uh house without uh warrant uh test are false uh positive.T am drunk just listen uh uh .This troll should be vote out uh uh he send uh his bonus check to China bank uh uh already.

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