Considered ugly and always buIIied turns out she is a famous social media influencer – movie recap

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32 thoughts on “Considered ugly and always buIIied turns out she is a famous social media influencer – movie recap

  1. 😂😂 so, the cat fish is revealed!!😂😂 Still, nice movie recap to come for reality, revealing oneself when she is doing it for someones Good!! 👍👍👍☺☺

  2. I watched this drama when it was airing, and waiting for every new episode was nerve-wrecking, because the plot is super good LOL
    I loved it, and i wish it was longer <3

  3. Hi, just a tip before making a video I think it's better to do some research to learn about the pronunciation of the names 🙆 bcs how there's name you said here like MinJi is wrong. And some more

  4. So sorry but your pronunciation of names and inability to read English words properly is not great – although you sound like an English speaker. Not sure what the problem is 🤔

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