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The complainers complaint

is a constant refrain

“Woe is me -points-

they’re all to blame!

I’m squeezed in the middle

by those with no name

pity me not them

they’re all to blame!

why don’t they just send ’em  

all off to jail?

give to me not to them

coz they want the same,

give to me not to them

coz they’re all to blame

them paki’s and blacks

them poles and the lame

the unemployed are just scroungers

single mums are the same,

my blood pressure’s rising

the government’s too tame

my investments are falling

i’m going insane –

my prayers go unanswered

my complaining’s in vain

lesbian theatre will give me  

a burst in the brain…!”


”I should move

to Australia

like my brother

and his wife

where life is just a honey

with no trouble  

and no strife”.


words and foto T Carroll

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