Do you have a child who loves coding? Hoping to encourage them to read more? Be sure to check out this big list of great coding chapter books to find their next great read. These are awesome reading adventures for kids who code!

A super extension to our Picture Books about Coding list, this collection includes tittles that are great for tweens and teens (ages 8 to 15 years) and each includes coding as an important element of the central story. The list includes books across the action and adventure, realistic fiction, biography and humor genres (and more!).

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Coding Novels for Tweens and Teens

Coding Chapter Books for Tween & Teens Who Love to Code

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Secret Coders (book 1 of the series) by Gene Luen Yang Secret Coders
This graphic novel style chapter book is the first in a clever series that introduces readers to fundamental elements of coding through a cool story (think creepy school with a secret, evil principal) and fun logic puzzles and programming-related challenges. Age 8+ years.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Nick and Tesla’s Robot Army Rampage by Bob Pflugfelder & Steve Hockensmith Robot Army Rampage
The second in the Nick and Telsa series of STEM inspired mystery/adventures, in this title the sibling duo agree to help find the thief responsible for a series of crimes in Half Moon Bay. They soon discover that the criminal mastermind behind the robberies is using an army of mysterious robots to commit the crimes! The book includes instructions for building your own super cool robots from household objects, just like those Nick and Tesla construct as they sneakily sleuth to solve the case. Age 8+ years.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Ada Lovelace Cracks the Code by Rebel Girls Ada Lovelace Cracks the COde
This historical fiction chapter book is by the authors of the well renowned Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. It shares the story of a computer science pioneer, Ada Lovelace, from her life in England as a child through too adulthood, when she imagined and created the forerunner to the world’s first programming language.  Age 8+ years.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
The Friendship Code (books 1 of the Girls Who Code series) by Stacia Deutsch Girls Who Code
Sure to inspire middle grade coders, The Friendship Code is a fabulous story about the struggles of getting started with coding, new friendships, old friendships, family and a mystery to be solved. Age 9+ years.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
My Life as a Coder (book 9 of the My Life series) by Janet Tashjian My Life as a Coder
Derek Fallon receives an exciting new gift…a laptop! But there’s a catch – it has no wi-fi or apps so he can’t use it for gaming. If he wants to play computer games, he’ll have to learn how to code them himself! A great addition to a humorous book series with well rounded, relatable characters. Age 9+ years.
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Fans may also enjoy related titles from the series – My Life as a Gamer and My Life as a Youtuber.

Coding Chapter Books list continues below.

Click’d by Tamara Ireland Stone Clickd
A middle school coding superstar develops an app at Summer coding camp is surprised when it becomes a smash hit at her school. But a privacy glitch that sees sensitive information shared creates problems for Allie and she must decide if her friendships are more important than her work and the sense of popularity she has gained since her app’s launch. Age 10+ years.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Emmy in the Key of Code by Aimee Lucido Emmy in the Key of Code
Written in captivating verse, this fabulous book shares the story of Emmy following her her family’s move to a new city and Emmy’s own experience starting at a new school. As a result of joining the coding club Emmy learns lessons about true friendship, being yourself and developing your own interests. 10+ years.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
City Spies (book 1 in the series) by James PontiCity Spies
Sara Martinez is a hacker recruited to become part of a top secret, international team of young spies. Her skills are needed for the team’s next big assignment, infiltrating a global youth environmental summit to stop an attack from an international crime organization. Age 10+ years.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
The Truth App (book 1 in the Liars series) by Jack Heath The Truth App: Chapter books about coding
When high school student, Jarli, develops an app called The Truth App it becomes a worldwide hit. The problem…not everyone wants their secrets exposed, and many want their lies keep secret. Now Jarli’s life is in danger and he’s beginning tow wonder – is knowing the truth always a good thing?!! Age 12+ years.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Jinxed by Amy McCulloch Jinxed
In Lacey’s high tech world a family pet can double as a smart phone! These robotic animal companions, the bakus, were developed to help alleviate smartphone caused anxiety through companionship. When Lacey discovers an injured baby cat she spends the summer repairing it, discovering that Jinx is not your average baku and together they find themselves on an adventure that feels part Hunger Games, part Harry Potter. Age 12+ years.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Scared Little Rabbits by A.V. Geiger Scared Little Rabbits
Nora lives for coding and robotics! When she teams up with her crush Maddox and his nasty girlfriend, Eleanor, at coding camp, the three work together on the popular INSTlove virtual reality app with potentially deadly consequences. When a girl disappears and the crime trail leads back to Nora, she must race to uncover the truth and clear her name.. Age 13+ years.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Evil Genius (book 1 of the series) by Catherine Jinks Evil Genius
What happens when a fostered child genius only finds kindness and nurturing from an evil psychologist who encourages him to do bad things without shame, guilt or contrition? 15 year old Caddel Piggot was caught by police for hacking mainframes by the time he was seven, caused massive commuter blockages at eight and managed to get the entire twelfth grade class flunked at the age of thirteen! Now he’s been sent to the Axis Institute – a school of deception – where Cadel finally starts to question his upbringing and the motivations of those around him. Age 14+ years.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository

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