Clinicians say false HIV positive results not strange

HIV specialists now said cases of false positive results in the country are not that strange. The chairman of the HIV Clinicians Society of Kenya said the results though not strange should not be a cause of panic as the dangers of taking medication on a negative status outweigh the risks of living with untreated HIV.

Brenda Wanga reported.

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14 thoughts on “Clinicians say false HIV positive results not strange

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  2. So sad to think about how many people -who were urged to get tested – received a FALSE positive and didn't find out any different. Think of the stigma they must have endured all FOR NOTHING.

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    Not ever pregnant.
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    I’ve been sick for 30 years due to these toxic medications and lost my liver 8 years ago.
    There were no rapid tests way back when. Confirmatory tests are garbage too.

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