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Clindamycin | Bacterial Targets, Mechanism of Action, Adverse Effects

Lesson on the antibiotic Clindamycin (cleocin), what bacteria clindamycin targets, the mechanism of action of clindamycin, and adverse effects of clindamycin. Clindamycin is a lincosamide antibiotic that targets anaerobic bacteria well, being used for a variety of infections involving anaerobic bacteria such as oral infections, and intra-abdominal and pelvic infections.

Hey everyone! This is another antibiotic lesson! In this lesson, you will learn about the antibiotic clindamycin, the gram positive aerobes and anaerobes that clindamycin targets, how clindamycin works, and some of the adverse reactions associated with clindamycin usage. If you found this video helpful, please like and subscribe for more videos 🙂


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31 thoughts on “Clindamycin | Bacterial Targets, Mechanism of Action, Adverse Effects

  1. Hey JJ Medicine, pretty crazy as my initials are JJ and I'm going into medicine! But just wanted to say you're doing good work with these videos! If you made your title cards look more like Khan Academy, you could be seeing more traffic flow through your videos, thus helping more people and your channel. Good luck man!

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  3. I took Clindamycin and I felt something stuck below my throat. It’s 3 days since I took my 1st capsule and until now below my throat hurts. Why is that? I have hard time swallowing, drinking water and sometimes even breathing.

  4. Will the penicillins work together with a protein synthesis inhibitor if the protein PBP is needed for their function? Wouldn't it be a similar situation as with penicillins and tetracyclines? (penicillins stop working then)

  5. Can I donate plasma while taking this? I lost my job to a leg injury. And I need money from donating plasma they told me I had cellulitis on my leg. And gave me day worth 150mg

  6. I just had a root canal, And will go back in 2 days to get my wisdom tooth extracted.
    I was prescribed Clindamycin 300mg
    But my concern is I had a allergic reaction to some food I ate,
    And have been having a issue with not eliminating.
    So I don't want to take something that will cause intestinal issues..

    Is there another Antibiotic that will kill the bacterial infection
    without killing my good bacteria in my intestines like Clindamycin does,
    that I can ask for after I have my wisdom extraction?

  7. Hey everyone – JJ, here once again! Thanks for all the views and comments on this video! If you haven't already please like this video if you liked it! And subscribe to this channel for more lessons like this one and to help support this channel. Again, I really appreciate all of you support 🙂
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