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The first of the childbirth video clips is a graphic natural birth in a birth center. The mother is only 18 years old, but does very well throughout. However, there are a few cautions to note that do not typically occur in a birth center. First, the mother is pushing on her back. She is somewhat upright, but not quite in an optimal position for birth. She may have had an easier time
shifting to her side or with someone supporting her from behind, as it
is difficult to maintain balance and positioning in the water.

The next issue is that the attendant on the left vigorously
suctions the baby rather than letting clear its own airway
if needed. Aggressive suctioning can actually push mucus or
fluids further into the airway than if the baby is left well enough

The final issue is that the attendant on the right makes an
inappropriate comment about whether the couple will be “doing this
again anytime soon”. Regardless of the couple’s ages, this type of
comment simply isn’t appropriate nor helpful to a laboring mother or
her partner and does not show them the respect they deserve.


The first  clip shown is in the water.  The
mother is actually able to catch and hold her own baby even before the
umbilical cord is cut.  This video is far removed from the mental image that most people conjure when picturing a woman giving birth naturally.

These Childbirth Video Clips are designed to inspire other mothers planning on giving birth naturally. They show how a natural birth can be realized in many settings, from
home to hospital. Whatever setting you choose, a natural birth is possible. Don’t let anyone discourage you from having the birth experience you desire.

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