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Childbirth Video Clip

This Childbirth Video Clip
collection feature slideshows of childbirth. They are set to music and commemorate the entire birth experience.

first selection is truly beautiful and could
melt the hardest of hearts.   It depicts a midwife
and doula attended homebirth in the water.  The entire family
is able to bond together in the comfort of their home with their newest
member.  No stipulations on visiting hours here!

The next selection is a
doula-assisted hospital delivery.  It is a lovely video that
truly captures the feeling of the day.

This video shows a
midwife-attended home birth.  It conveys the powerful impact
that a midwife has upon the family.  She is not only your
caregiver but also a trusted friend who shares this experience with you
every step of the way.  How many women can say this about
their obstetrician?

The final selection is a
diary of
the couple’s journey into parenthood that opens with a series of slides
that depicts the couple from marriage to the birth of their first

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