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Chart Your Cycle | Gain Confidence in the Sympto-Thermal Method

Learning how to trust a birth control method like the Sympto-Thermal Method is a bit frightening at first, but the more you learn, the more you practice, the easier it is to have full confidence.

Chart Your Cycle:
Breastfeeding, Being a Mom + Charting:
Boosting Cervical Fluid Naturally:
Period Repair Manual:

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Chart Your Cycle |
For those new to FAM and charting, who want to learn more about the sympto-thermal method, and whether it’s a good fit for their birth control method (hint: it is)

Ditch the Pill |
Do you really want to quit your hormonal birth control, but you’re really nervous about how your body will react? Scared of acne, irregular cycles, cramps, etc.? Take my hand and let’s go through all that you need to know together. And you’ll find yourself ready to toss that HBC in no time!

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Maybe you’ve taken one of my courses, or you’ve just been watching me on YouTube, and you really want some time to work with me, ask me your questions, and get my help learning about your body and your cycle. Let’s connect and set up a call!

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26 thoughts on “Chart Your Cycle | Gain Confidence in the Sympto-Thermal Method

  1. This is exactly the video I needed! I just commented on your last video about my experience so far about to go off the pill and this answered every question. I’m all signed up for tomorrow and very very excited!!! thank you tons! 💖💖

  2. I love all your FAM related videos! I think fewyoutubers talk about FAM, so I love seeing your content! Also, I just realized you're in the FAM Method of BC group on Facebook! I am too hehe 🙂 Keep doing what you do! I watch you from Argentina!

  3. I'm still so worried about it. I read TCOYF and have been charting for almost a year now, but I just can't trust it. Maybe cause I'm vegan or cause I take medication for my hypothyroidism, but my cervical fluid is not consistent.i only see one small change around ovulation. Somehow it seems like it's not enough proof to actually take the risk of not using a condom even though all the signs show I'm not fertile.

  4. I found your channel THIS morning and am now 6+ hours deep into binge watching your videos. I bought TCOYF and your recommended thermometer on Amazon and signed up for your next Chart Your Cycle class… so needless to say, I'm diving head first into FAM. I still have about 3 weeks left in my last BC pill pack but just mentally making this commitment has me feeling SO relieved and at peace already. I've been on birth control for almost 8 years and every time I've thought about getting off of it or I've gone to the doctor to discuss unfavorable side effects of the pill, I've been scared into only changing BC pill brands rather than stopping them altogether. (Even though my husband has always been supportive of me getting off hormones, I was always so hesitant to deal with the weeks/months of "detoxing" or whatever and the side effects that go along with that, and I was too scared of getting pregnant to follow through.) Now that I've been married for 3 years, feel adjusted in our new life (we moved to CA from TX about a year ago), and are about 3 years away from trying to get pregnant, I just feel like this is the perfect time to learn about my body and take the time to adjust to whatever "my normal" is. All this rambling to say, THANK YOU for making this channel. I am so grateful for your openness and your passion for empowering women with the knowledge they need to take control of their lives and bodies, in every aspect. You are appreciated and I'm looking forward to learning more from you in your class!!!

  5. What do you think about the fact that in the new edition of tcoyf it states the rule can now be peak plus 3? Thanks for the amazing content always. You are doing so much good for this world!! 💚💚

  6. I no longer am on the pill and my boyfriend and I rely on condoms at the moment. I will not put hormones into my body anymore and the copper IUD scares me!! I’m really looking into FAM but I’m so skeptical of it. Getting pregnant is like my worst fear so I feel stuck. I’m definitely going to be purchasing that book, though. Thinking about doing sympto-thermal along with tracking my cycle with Flo. Any thoughts or advice?

  7. Charting postpartum or for anyone, I recommend TempDrop! It’s a wearable device you wear on your upper arm. It monitors temperature through the night, also has motion sensor, so it’s perfect for new mothers or anyone who is getting inconsistent sleep. It also eliminates sleep interruption since you don’t have to wake up at the same time to get your temp…. just whenever you wake up, sync it with the app and it gives you your temp. It also sync with the new FAM app, Read Your Body.

  8. Victoria has been amazingly helpful in answering my detailed questions via email. Recently she was on vacation and yet she answered all my questions. I am so so grateful to her for not only offering this course but being patient and detail-oriented to ensure that I understood and can follow the chart your cycle method diligently. I seriously cannot recommend her enough. I have already told all my girlfriends about her and the fact that she cares so much to make sure that you can follow the method as your birth control method means a lot. I didn't know going into it that Victoria will be so helpful patient even a year after I signed up for the course and answer all of my emails (we've a chain of 40 emails you guys 40 haha) this is serious and Victora understands that seriousness. I appreciate her thoroughness and patience beyond words! So, sign up for the course with her and do your mental and physical health a favor 🙂

  9. My only fear is how long does sperm actually live in your uterus? I'm afraid of having sex while not fertile and then ovulating early and having that sperm still in there

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