Charleston White Drops HEAT On Feminists!🔥

Charleston White …


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34 thoughts on “Charleston White Drops HEAT On Feminists!🔥”
  1. Big up the girl with the short hair the third one I respect her and Charleston white was the only man on the show them fresh and fit are the biggest geeks on YouTube they are the definition of dorks two dorks they radiate lameness

  2. Black girl been watching too much Donavan sharpe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂making new definition for being a single mother 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Watched the day show and was hoping CW would stay. This could be monumental, and could be in the top 5 episodes. Keep expanding your reach, thanks for this one especially.

  4. Again yeah right if males married so females see that think damn he good so I gotta get him so f@ck the chick he with I want him!
    No one is good but hey its hilarious

  5. CW”you can’t win a man of box”
    304: they can tho.

    Guess how many bodies she has under her belt..

    She thinks men fucking her is winning… for the guy , it is. 😮‍💨

  6. Think about it this way lads , most of the women that sleep with high value men ARENT the right women. She high value dudes show them that all day everyday by pumping and dumping them… women aren’t the smartest gender

  7. ⏲ TIME STAMPS ⏲

    0:00 : Intro

    0:50 : Announcements

    4:20 : The Lady's Intro

    19:00 : Guest Intro

    19:40 : Worst Way The Ladies Rejected a Guy

    35:15 : Should Women In Relationships Have Male Friends?

    46:00 : Women Make Poor Decisions For Themselves

    49:10 : Get Your Money On Point

    49:45 : Back To Should Women In Relationships Have Male Friends?

    55:00 : (HE’S COOKING) Charleston White Explains Male & Female Dynamics

    01:04:30 : Women Don’t Approach Men!!!

    01:06:30 : How Should Modern Men Approach Women Today?

    01:09:55 : It’s a Woman’s Job To Get a Relationship Out Of a Guy

    01:11:30 : What Do Men Looks For In a Woman?

    01:14:10 : Why Men Have To Lie To Women

    01:15:30 : How a Girl Can Keep a Guy In Her Life

    01:16:30 : Who Does a Man Love More, The Woman He Lies To Or The Woman He Tells The Truth Too?

    01:21:05 : (HE’S COOKS AGAIN) Charleston White Explains Men’s Motivation In Life

    01:25:20 : Can Women Handle The Truth, In General?

    01:28:00 : Women Don’t Want Most Men, Women Can’t Be a 304, But Men Can

    01:33:35 : The Cost & Benefits Of Getting Into a Relationship

    01:34:55 : When Would The Ladies Like To Be Married?

    01:43:30 : She Wants To Be Conditionally Submissive

    01:45:25 : Back To When Would The Ladies Like To Be Married?

    01:48:15 : Traditional Women Back In The Day Were Feminine & Submissive 24/7 No Matter What

    01:57:00 : Modern Women Are Losing Today Compared To Traditional Women Of Old

    01:59:35 : Women Care About Families & Men Care About Things, Careers, Jobs, Ect

    02:03:00 : Men & Women Are Different, They Want Different Things Out Of Life

    02:08:30 : Women Watch Pron????

    02:09:20 : Women Should Work On Becoming a Better Woman

    02:13:45 : Who Killed Romance, Men Or Women?

    02:24:00 : Being a Gentlemen Is Punished

    02:27:00 : Men Won’t Tell The Truth If It Ruins His Chances To Smash

    02:30:00 : Follow Charleston White

    Links Here: (

    02:30:45 : Superchats!

    02:32:00 : How Do The Ladies Keep Their Body Count Low?

    02:41:30 : Why Women Deserve Less

    02:44:45 : Superchats!

    02:46:15 : Are The Women Ok With Their Man Cheating On The Side, Now Knowing Male Nature?

    02:53:05 : Female Delusional Calculator

    02:59:30 : There Is More Hot Women than HVM

    03:05:10 : Chris Exposed Her IG, She Ain’t Changing

    03:11:50 : Superchats!

    03:16:20 : Women Who Objectify Themselves

    03:19:15 : Superchats!

    03:21:40 : Women Who Stay With a Man Who Cheats Are Smart

    03:24:45 : Last Thoughts

    03:27:55 : Good Dating Advice For Women

    03:30:40 : She Keeps Proving Myron’s Point, She Doesn’t Want To Settle

    03:36:30 : Polygamy Is The Future & Lesbians Aren’t Real

    03:41:40 : How Realistic Are Promiscuous Women

    03:46:15 : Men Don’t & Won’t Commit To Every Woman He Sleeps With

    03:51:05: Last Superchat

    03:51:35 : Outro

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