April is Cesarean Awareness month, and we are excited to celebrate the beauty and strength of cesarean families. As birth photographers and doulas, we get to witness the courage of birthing people during cesarean birth. We see your strength as you walk or are wheeled down the hall to enter the operating room. We see your courage as you lay on the operating table…waiting to hear your baby’s first cry. And we witness overwhelming love in your eyes when you see your baby for the first time and feel their skin against your own.

We also know that this month can be triggering for many families who didn’t plan for a cesarean. We want to give you the space to feel all those feelings – sadness, anger.

We also know that for many families, a cesarean birth was a welcome choice/option, and they love celebrating the beauty and strength in their own stories.

Regardless of where you fall, there is space for us all. We hope you find these images to be inspiring like we do. Thank you you for celebrating with us.

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