CDA establishes Pakistan’s first stray dog population control centre in Islamabad

It is unethical and a violation of animal rights to kill dogs so the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has established stray dog population control centre in Islamabad.
CDA Chairman inaugurated the centre at Park Road in Tarlai which has the capacity to keep more than 500 dogs.
Moreover, play, resting areas, a surgical unit, vaccination centre and a separate space for a laboratory have been allocated at the centre.
A decade ago, wives of foreign diplomats in Islamabad started a campaign that dogs should not be killed rather neutered to ensure they would not reproduce.
They also used to feed stray dogs and were of the opinion that if once a dog was neutered, they will eventually vanish from their area.
Speaking on the occasion, CDA Chairman Usman Younis said Islamabad was the only city in the country where such a centre had been established.

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